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Friday, March 05, 2010

Microsoft's Cloud Portal

For a few years now, I have had post on and off talking about cloud computing. How it's going to change a lot of things. Then we started hearing more and more about Microsoft's vision of the cloud, cloud computing, Software+Services, "Three Screens and a Cloud."

Then at the start of this year, I posted the following entry.:
What can the Cloud offer you in 2010?

Where in that post, I talk about 2010 being the year of the cloud. Now it's finally here, and ready. Microsoft's got a whole host of Cloud services, and some have already been in the Cloud for years. Think about Hotmail, for example, their oldest cloud app really. I mean it's for sure fits the bill for what a Cloud App is. That's been up for nearly 15 years!

Now we have Office 2010 coming out, and their will be Office Web Apps released with it. A Cloud based version of office, to launch and go where you please. Then of course the new kids on the Microsoft cloud block is Windows Azure and SQL Azure. Two, if you will, 'Pure Cloud Platforms & Services'.

Microsoft also recently released their cloud portal, which can be found here.: Microsoft's Cloud Portal - Were All in!

Also posted on this, is Steve Ballmer's video of his speech yesterday to UW crowd. In this he is quoted in saying.: "The cloud fuels Microsoft, and Microsoft fuels the cloud." - Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft.

The video is high level, but it should help bring into light that Microsoft has been in the cloud for years. And the approach, with familiar products and technologies, the lines between cloud and on-premise, that the Software+Serrvices visison brings will continue to blur for the end users. Which means more flexibility and possibilities for Companies and their Technology staffs to solve the business needs each of them have.

This directly links to Microsoft Dynamics AX. The cloud is here, and solutions can be designed and developed that include Exchange in the Cloud, SharePoint in the Cloud, Office Web Apps, .Net Cloud Based Services that run on Windows Azure and SQL Azure, and Dynamics AX at the heart of the business, being it's ERP / SCM platform.

I recommend checking out the new Microsoft Cloud portal, and adding it to your thought processes. How can these technologies be used by my clients, by me, to help my clients solve real world business problems. And if your and end customer, you should be asking your VAR / ISV to help you with designing and planning of your solutions, and how Cloud Apps, and Pure Cloud Services can be used to help you be more Dynamic, more flexible, and get things done, better, faster, cheaper.

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