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Friday, October 22, 2010

AX and the iPad - Media coverage

In my AXUG summit re-cap post yesterday, I talked about the session I lead on "AX and the iPad". This session focused on the three area's of accessing Dynamics AX from the iPad.

  • RDP via Jump RDP

  • axPad Sales - Native App that connects with AX through SOA, developed by Sunrise

  • HTML5 - Web based applications

The most coverage was around the axPad app itself, and what it can do. David Gumpert, Editoral Director was there for the presentation and did a great write up covering the session, and capturing the fact that people are using, planning to use and are wanting to us AX functions and data on the iPad.

Here is a direct link to the write up.: Here Comes the iPad for Microsoft Dynamics AX: More Microsoft Users Seeking Sales and Demo Applets

There are just two small clarifications I wanted to point out from this post.

1.) It's XCode IDE, not IDF. XCode is the IDE used on a MacBook for example, to develop in Objective-C and to work with the iOS simulators and Devices.

2.) When I stated it took me 80 hours, and now roughly could do the Same App functionality as the axPad Sales app offers in around 35 hours of work. Just clearing the fact that just like all development, it depends on the scope of work, for how long it would take. The point I was trying to make here, is that now I am passed a certain level in the iOS development learning curve, it would not take me as long to do create something like the axPad Sales app, as it did this first time around.

Other than those two clarifications, it's great coverage. I think MSDynamicsWorld.com coverage really catches the fact that Microsoft Customers of Dynamics AX are wanting the iPad. They are wanting to use the iPad, and more than just a consumption device.

I will have some detailed coverage of the axPad Sales soon, along with other great post. I would like to thank MSDynamicsWorld.com, for being at AXUG and giving all the sessions they attended great coverage!

Till next time!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brandon, awesome presentation and proof of concept. Will you be publishing your ppt on the AXUG Resources page?

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's actually 'Xcode', not 'XCode', FYI.

This sounds interesting. I'm an experienced iOS programmer and I've considered building an app to talk to AX systems.

The thing I keep coming back to is the best way to talk to AX - build a Web server in .NET with the BC and use that? Talk directly to the database (but you miss out on a lot of important stuff this way)? Talk to something like AIF (is it robust enough)?

10:33 AM  

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