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Monday, March 21, 2011

PartnerSource: Microsoft Dynamics ERP - Count Down to the Cloud

Well as the title of this post states, the Dynamics Ecosystem as a whole is getting ready and counting down to the cloud. This officially kicks off on Tuesday, during Convergence in Atlanta, with Microsoft VP Doug Kennedy, who has been interviewed on this blog several times.

Direct link to this event information can be found here.: Microsoft Dynamics ERP - Count down to the cloud

You do need PartnerSource Access to view this event, and have to be a partner to attend. From the post.:

"Join us for this exclusive opportunity to hear the latest update on the Microsoft Dynamics cloud business from Doug Kennedy, VP, Microsoft Dynamics Partners, and then network with up to ten selected Microsoft Dynamics Hosting Partners who can help take your business to the cloud."

Back in Oct 2010, Microsoft published an online learning course, in the MPN called: Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Strategy

You need to be a Partner in order to review this course as well, but it helps set the stage for the details in which Doug will be diving into.

So quick take aways from that published course, is that Microsoft's ERP Cloud play will be in full steam in 2014, and building up to that full on Microsoft ERP in the Cloud, Microsoft also highlights two ways for Partners to use the cloud with AX today.:
  • Extend Microosft Dynamics ERP with the cloud. Being that on-premise, or partner hosted, through Azure hosted composite apps and services.
  • Partner Hosted Dynamics ERP

This applies for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Microsoft does plan to have a total SaaS offering in the future for Microsoft Dynamics AX, hearing that 2014 timeframe for that. Until then, Microsoft Dynamics AX will exist in the Cloud as sitting on top of IaaS, or in a Hybrid cloud mode were AX lives on-premise, while other LOB, Composite Apps / Services live in the Cloud, on Azure's PaaS offering to complete a customers overall solution.

It's great to continue and see Microsoft addressing the cloud question, with current possibilities and also future plans, and so if you can attend this session it will be worth it.

That's all for now, getting back into the swing of things after some vacation. Check back soon as a WHOLE lot more to come. Till next time!

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