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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Power of the Dynamics Community

I wanted to kick off this weeks series of post, with a focus around the Microsoft Dynamics Community and the power and value it brings. We have a really awesome example of how all of us involved in the community, work together to drive value that helps us all.

Recently I took a lead, from Palle Agermark with his post that focused on the new ability in AX 2012 X++, in which certain keywords, while coding, can have code snippets added. In that highlight post, in which I exposed the xppSource class and it's use, I built upon what Palle had started in his post.

This, then having a specific topic, had two bloggers and active Dynamics Community members in helping give a combined value that the two articles, by themselves, could not achieve. Well taking this a step further, fellow peer and blogger Joris de Gruyter continued to add to the value of this topic by diving deeper into a great example of using code snippets: Code Snippets in AX 2012

Joris gives us a great example, in his further dive into this topic, with adding real value in creating your own code templates that can speed up your development needs an process. He further, correctly explains, that the concept is not new to AX, but the use of xppSource for enabling this is.

I just thought this was a perfect time to point out, that working together in the Dynamics Ecosystem like this, building upon each others knowledge is what sets us apart from other communities. Being able to work towards a common goal and helping the general Dynamics users, be that Partner or Customer, is just really awesome. Many thanks for Palle and Joris in helping show of we all add, and can work together to build out this Dynamics community that belongs to each of us.

That's all for this post, but check back soon as I have a lot of post ready to be released, covering Conv12, BI, AX 2012 Upgrades and of course looking towards that bright Dynamics future! Till next time!

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