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Friday, February 22, 2013

MVP Summit - A world of value in a weeks time

Well the MVP Summit 2013 has come and gone. This year marked the 20th anniversary of MVP's, and the first year that there was any tracks related to Microsoft Dynamics AX. I can't share details with you, being under NDA, however I can say this. Without-a-doubt, the level of involvement by the Microsoft Executives and Team members with MVP's was outstanding.

Above, pictured from left to right is: ME (Brandon George), Dick Wenning, Joris de Gruyter, Joel Leichty & Antonio Gilabert. These where the Dynamics AX MVPs that attended this year's summit. There where several, several meetings all adding value. This was not just for us MVP's either, but also for Microsoft as well with the feedback & perspective we as a group of MVP's where able to provide.

Another aspect to this summit was the involvement and sessions of the other MVP tracks, that helped share knowledge. This knowledge is very applicable to Dynamics AX, as it sits atop the Microsoft Stack. For those Dynamics AX MVP's that could not attend, make it a priority to do so next year. This is one event that you will want to attend without-a-doubt.

Well that's all for this week. I realize that I did not get a chance to post, but that is honestly a testament to how busy I was during this weeks events & sessions. There are some very, very good things to talk about in the coming week, specifically focused on true Business Intelligence. Till Next Time!

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