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Monday, April 24, 2006

Changing Form color based on the current Company

I don't know about you, but I have in the past wanted a way to visually show that a user was in a given company. By default, all the forms look the same. This can be confusing for those super users that switch between companies preforming different task.

Well I came across a neat little trick that I am going to post here. I am not sure how well this will work in Dynamics AX 4.0, but for AX 3.0 it works great.

Basically you override the SysSetupFormRun.run() method. Below is some sample code:

public void run()

// Set the color scheme of this instance of te SysFormRUn to RGB

// Switch and based on the current company change colors, or not for default
switch (curext())

case 'DEM':

case 'dat':



Now when you switch between the two companies and launch a form, you will see visually, that you are in a different company. Granted the WinAPI::navisionColorBeige(), ..Blue(), ..Red() are not that great looking, but still you get the idea. And if you know RGB colors, then you can supply really any valid RGB color you like!

Anyway this is a neat little trick that is ran each time a new instance of a given form (other that the main menu) is ran.

Well check back soon for more helpful hints!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Flush the AOS cache from code

Well while working on a current project an associate of mine, partner in crime on the current project named Ed (from Stream Line), shared with me a very nice little trick.

You see we had two AOSes that we needed to flush the cache, but could not stop and start the AOSes. The only way I have ever known to flush the AOS is to stop and start it. Well Ed showed me a nice little trick. You may or may not be aware of three menu action items that can be used to flush system data, the AOD, and dictionary. The thing about these though is that they are set to run at "called from" which when ran clear the client cache.

Well the trick is to copy these three menu items, and then change the run from property to server. Now you can launch these menu items, and they will run on the server, therefore clearing the AOD, sys data, and dictionary, causing a refresh.

So the three menu items that you copy (don't change the real deals) are:
[Under Menu items > Action]

1. SysFlushAOD
2. SysFlushData
3. SysFlushDictionary

This is a nice little trick that we should all keep in our bags. Thanks Ed for sharing, and check back soon for more helpful post.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

AxaptaJobs.com new offer

Recently AxaptaJobs.com just started offering a new product. We just reached over 220+ job seekers registered in our database. The database happens to be the only 100% dedicated one on the net, related to Ax related employment!

The new product we are starting to offer is a subscription to our job seeker database. The product offer includes:

1. Current snapshot of over 220+ job seekers
2. A 3 month, sent bi-monthly, update of the latest job seekers signed up. (Sent on the 15th and last of the month)
3. Three job ads to post current open positions

Now places like Dice.com, and others would charge you over $600.00 Dollars to post one job, but for our package, only $599.00!!! Not only is AxaptaJobs.com the Only place related 100% towards Ax employment, but we have the best deals on the needed niche Ax data.

If you are an employer and you are intersted in this specail offer, please email us at: axaptajobs@skillaid.com, or register on www.axaptajobs.com and then use the contact form to express your interst. As always, if you are a job seeker, the best way to find the best positions is to sign up today!

Well look for more post about DAX 4.0, and some Very handy X++ code samples!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

AppTools Class

If you have AX 3.0, and the To Increase platform, then you have an Array of App* Classes. One of the coolest one's I think is the AppTools class.

This class really goes past the WinAPI Class found in standard Ax, as it uses the File Scripting COM Object for all IO work, it has great con2str(), and xml2con() methods. It has methods for returing the IP address (getIP()), and so forth.

All in all, this is a great class to use in your many different possible modifications, solutions. I also recommend taking the time to become real familiar with the other App* Classes. AppEntity is a great class, using reflection, to expose general table information when you don't excatly know what your looking at, but you know what you are looking for.

I plan on doing a write up of the different App* classes I have used so far, as there is not thata much developer documentation on it. For these App* classes alone I recommend getting the platform.

Check back soon!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Missing axsysen-us.ktd text file

Well I ran into a strange error message today. I was copying over our 2tier environments to be on the 3tier boxes. In The process, I tried to launch the new environments, and kept getting this error message:

"Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta installation has no text file (axsysen-us.ktd)"

Well after further searching, found out that my problem was with my config file, on the following line:

bindir,Text,C:\mbs\axapta server\Bin
So I had to change this to:

bindir,Text,C:\mbs\axapta client\Bin
Which fixed the issue. I had the config file pointing to the wrong \Bin\ Folder which was making this error message pop up. The Ktd files live in the \Bin\ folder instead of the \Appl\ folder because they relate to the launch of Ax.

Maybe in the future someone will be able to benefit from this find! Check back later this week for more post.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

AxaptaJobs.com Update

Well this year has been great so far for AxaptaJobs.com. I am very thankful to those involved and mostly to God and Christ for giving me the ability to start such a project.

This year we went over 200 job seeker resumes, and over 70+ employers. We have a good bit of active jobs right now, and it keeps growing.

I have talked to a lot of the employers that have signed up, and they really like the service and the amount of job seeker resumes that exists on the site. Being that AxaptaJobs.com is the Only site on the web 100% dedicated to Ax related employement, connecting people to employers becomes a much easier task through the site.

Well look here for more code post this week, and a sneak peek at Dynamics AX 4.0!

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