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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

AxCoder Post

I was recently checking up on my fellow bloggers, and came across a great entry about an undocumented string function that can be done. AxCoder was the first one that has ever mentioned this, and his post is here: AxCoder Post

Anyway this post basically tells you how you can use Raw strings in X++ or verbatim strings. This exists in C#, and other OO languages. This is actually a very Cool feature, because what it allows you to do is add an @ right after the = and then the string contained within the " " can be built in a raw format. Meaning you don't have to have \\, instead \. And the string does not end unitl you put the last "; and the end.

For example: s =@ "c:\temp\one\two


instead of s = "c:\\temp\\one\\two";
s=s+" ";
s=s+" ";

Thanks AxCoder for sharing this with the world. It's a very useful peice of information to have, for any developer. The only thing that I am concered with about this is how the string is stroed, and also when you preform is functions, of substr, etc. on the string how it would react, as the string is raw in memmory?? Maybe that could be an expand post that I can do next time!

Check back for more!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sunrise Technologies

I wanted to take the time an write about most likely the Best or at least one of the top Dynamics AX consulting firms I have ever come across. I am of course speaking about Sunrise Technologies [Sunrise Tech.]

This Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is 100% focused on the Dynamics platform, with many years of Ax implementations. The company has a great outlook from the CEO down, with focus on the implementation rather than the sale. I had the pleasure of talking with CEO John Pence, and his vision of how to approach Ax implementation projects, and the future of the Microsoft Dynamics platform just blew me away.

This company has really aligned themselves for success, and has become one of Microsoft's go to partners. If you are looking for a partner for a new project, to help with a current one, to help with training, development, project management, I highly, highly recommend this company. They have a true vision that gives them success story after success story.

Check back more for updates, interview, articles, and of course code examples!

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cutting and addressing the *.udb and *.aoi

Cutting from one environment to another in AX 3.0 is part of daily life for promtion of code, go lives, environment tests, etc.

One of the things that you may run into is you copy everything from a given Appl\ folder inot another to cut the full environment from one infrastructure (AOSes) to another. A Tricky thin you might run into if you Copy over the *.udb and Index File (*.aoi) is a message will start appearing saying there are more AOS(es) than your current lic. allows. The trick to fixing this is delete the *.aoi and *.udb files, then restart the application and allow Ax to rebuild these two files.

This will effectivly fix this problem, and keeps some tracking down of this issue headaches away! I also always recommend Not moving these files from one environment to another.

Check back soon for more great tips, content, and reviews.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick Update

Currently I am working on a go live for a client, so I am super busy. I do however have some great post to talk about, and will be posting hopefully later this week.

Until then feel free to comment on any of the post that are currently here!

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