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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I will be gone till after the first of the year, so I wanted to post it this now! Keep Christ in Christmas, and even though Yeshua (Jesus) Christ was most likely, not born in Dec. will can still celebrate the Saviour to the Worlds Birthday!!!

Merry Christmas! :-) See everyone in '07!

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Selecta (dba Dickies) selects Sunrise and Dynamics AX

I wanted post a big w00t w00t! To my assoicates for landing another great client! Sunrise technologies and Microsoft Dynamics AX were selected by Selecta (dba Dickies Medical Uniforms) to help propel them into the future!

You can read more from the offical press release here: Sunrise & Dynamics AX choosen for Selecta (dba Dickies)

Sunrise Technologies is the wonderful Microsoft VAR that I am part of! We have a wonderful family at Sunrise, and this is great news, as we land another client.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mike Ehrenberg - Architecting next generation of Dynamics

Here's another great video from Channel 9, about the next generation of Dynamics. This does fall in line with the overall current theme of my blog post, and I wanted to get this out in front of everyone.

Anyway this is a great video, and everyone should enjoy and get some insight from:

Mike Ehrenberg - Architecting next generation of Dynamics

Again check back soon as Part II of the Snap To It post continues on!

Dynamics AX 4.0 - Unit testing (ch. 9)

I wanted to step back to a thread I started back in review of Dynamics AX 4.0 and what is new. In that I talked about unit testing, and the unit test framework. With that, I talked about the concept of using this to implement a new development methodology (new only to Dynamics AX) in that you first create the unit testing scripts, which in turn the developer creates code to satisfy, and in turn allows for less interations of the development cycle, and less wasted time.

With that I found this great Channel 9 20 mins video that introduces one to the Dynamics AX 4.0 Unit Testing framework. Check it out:

Dynamics AX 4.0 - Unit testing

Anyway this is for sure off the main current topic our Snap To it project we are collectively working on, here at this blog. I wanted to post this nice resource though because this is a very helpful video, about a topic that deserves great understand, and attention.

Check back soon for Part II of the Snap To It post! :-)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Axapta programming blog: practical HOWTOs: How to build Axapta application from XPO files stored in Visual Source Safe.

I came across this post, which is great! Yurii is a real DAX pro, and has already wrote a great topic about making use of VSS in Dynamics AX 4.0. Now with this post he is really diving into the use of it.

Axapta programming blog: practical HOWTOs: How to build Axapta application from XPO files stored in Visual Source Safe.

It a great entry, and I hope to see Yurii do more post about VSS and other development related post. Thanks Yurii!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Futurist: To fix education, think Web 2.0


I wanted to do a quick post to show how Web 2.0 is transforming how we think about a lot of different aspects of business. What is the root, or starting point for business? Knowledge! How do you gain knowledge? Learn!

Futurist: To fix education, think Web 2.0 | Tech News on ZDNet

So with that said I post the above link. Even though this does not talk about Dynamics AX, it does talk about Web 2.0. The point is for everyone to see that this is the future, and it will affect us in all forms. Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 is the biggest movement for IT, since GUI (Generated User Interface) was created in the 80's.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dynamics AX - "Snap to it!" - Part I

Moving forward now with where we left off on Enterprise 2.0 (Mashups / Composite Apps) discussion, I wanted to start the solution to show off an example of this with current technology. To start lets talk about design, and move from there.

In order to achieve a nifty little composite app. we need a design that will allow us to do so. With that said, in order to achieve what we are going to do, one will need the following:

- Dynamics AX 4.0 (Instance of Object server and DAX Application)
- SQL Server
- EP Setup and running
- DotNet BC setup
- Office XP or Later
- VS.2005 and DotNet 2.0

I believe the above should cover what we are wanting to achieve. Now, with that listed, lets talk about what we plan to do with this technology. Recently Microsoft started the Snap-In program for Dynamics. The goal of this is to allow elements of Dynamics AX to be used within the Office Suite. This is a great idea, as most people love office (Excel big time) and therefore makes sense.

So our solution that we will create will first offer a snap-in excel form, and then also offer a web part to be used with EP. The underlying logic for this solution will be contained within Web Services for the Snap in, and the actual business logic will live within X++ Class framework. This way the Web Part for EP can make native calls to it, and the snap-in widget will make use of the web service, to in turn make use of the business logic. Doing this in such a way, using web services, will allow the same intergration points to be used for other applications. (windows based / other web services / mobile, etc.).

What will be learned during this process will be:

- The use of the DotNet Business Connector from C# code.
- Creating a Snap-in widget that can make use of both the web service and directly the DotNet Business Connector.
- Creating a Web Part for use on the EP
- Creating X++ Class Framework
- Tieing all of this together

Now though creating this does not create a composite application, creating these aspects use technology for creating composite apps. / mashups and the major part that will be considered a mashup is when we add the web part to the EP and make use of it.

So the overall goal is to review each of these technologies, and then talk about how these technologies are used to create our solution, and also can be used to create true bigger composite app. solutions. At the end of this series I will also talk about how this could / will change with future technology releases, and the benefit this offers customers / users.

For now I will leave, so check back as we dive into part II of our solution!

P.S. Let me also add that I will do this over the course of many posts. I have a full time job, as I am sure most of you do, and therefore can only write when time permits. I also will have other post between these that offer other related information. In the end, I will compile these post into a single PDF file and post it for download and review.

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