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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Passed DAX 4.0 Development Introduction Exam

Well I am trying to take one Microsoft exam per month, and so far (thank you wonderful heavnly Father and Christ!) I have been able to do that. Today I passed the Dynamics AX 4.0 Development Introduction exam. Basically this covers Dev I, II and parts of III from the courseware.

Since I have been doing this for a while now, I just went and took the test. I was able to compelete it pretty quickly. This means I can now add:

Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist, MCBMSS
Dynamics AX 4.0 Development Introduction (v 4.0)

To my list of Certs. You have to love these long names, and acronyms. I means MCBMSS, I believe that's one of the longest Cert acronyms I have ever had. Anyway if you have been developing for a while in X++ and DAX then you can take this exam. It leads to the Advanced Development exam, and EP development exams. [Which last check are not out yet.]

Well again I thank my Creator for the chance and abilities of passing the exam! Check back soon! :-)

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dynamics Convergence 2007

Well Dynamics Convergence 2007 is just around the corner. I will be there via proxy this year, since I am supporting 3 go lives during an 8 week span, the first being the same week of convergence.

With that said, I will be trying to cover all the items that are new for Dynamics AX 4.01, and any announcements from the wonferful VAR I am a part of at Sunrise Technologies, Inc.b In the meantime I hope to post about setting up OLAP and making use of it within DAX 4.01!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ch. 9 - DAX Smart Customizations

Ch. 9 Dynamics AX Smart Customizations

The above link will take you to a Great video on Microsoft's Ch. 9 that talks about creating smart customizations that make way for ease of upgrades in the future. This is something that everyone who customizes Dynamics AX should keep in mind when designing said customizations.

Check back soon for more!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Dynamics AX and eCon

Well I have had the chance to again work with eCon from To-Increase, and man oh man this 4.0 release coming out in April looks great! I mean I have always been found of the flexibility for this business rules engine, and I don't know of any other product designed to be so flexible and so agile. Now with this next release To Increase has moved a version of the client to a smart client. This means that the best of Windows and Web will be in use with the eCon client product, and that opens up a whole ner world of streamlined client bases, that do not have to make use of IIS on a local machine. This also means less security concerns for System Admins.

Sunrise Technologies is forgining ahead with our partnership with To Increase, and with Sunrise's Knowledge of both Dynamics AX and the entire IEM solution (including eCon) will we be able to offer our clients a greater package all together.

The IEM solution is designed with project based manaufacturing in mind, and we have a good bit of clients that I think will benefit from this, as well as our future project based manufacturing clients. Please feel free to go to the Sunrise Technologies, Inc. site to ask about Dynamics AX and eCon and how Sunrise can implement it for you!

Sunrise Technologies, Inc.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Champion Industries Increases Productivity While Managing Risk

Recently the company I am a part of, Sunrise Technologies, Inc. released a new case study, based around the implementation of Dynamics AX at Champion Industries. You can find the case study in PDF format, by using the following link:

Champion Industries Increases Productivity While Managing Risk

This case study is a great write up of what the situation was at Champion, how Sunrise helped them realize their goal, and how much Dynamics AX helped Champion get away from an older BPCS system, that could no longer keep up with their business needs.

It's a great read, and I recommend it to everyone!

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