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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mobile Solutions for Dynamics AX - A deeper look

link: PartnerSource Link to Download Dynamics Mobile Platform

One of the most interesting things that has been released around the Dynamics AX platform lately was the Mobile Solutions stack. This offering has an example Sales application as well as the development platform tools for creating your own solutions. So in order to start working with this we need to better understand it. With that said I started looking closely at exactly what makes up this platform.

Basically there are a few parts, for the most the part this platform is:

- Visual Studio 2005, .Net 2.0 Compact Framework add on project type
- Exmaple projects that show how these types of projects can be used
- Server side platform components that make use of Web Services and .Net 2.0, as well as the .Net BC
- Example web service extensions for your use
- A Dynamics AX instance

So with this you are actually developing a windows mobile 5.0 application, that makes use of the .Net compact framework. There is a new set of Assemblies that is made use of within the client peice. You also have, as part of your solution, calls to the web services from the server side of this platform that enable and expose X++ business logic.

So you could create connected and disconnected state mobile windows applications with this paltform, and make use of the platforms exposed X++ objects via the server side web services that are deployed. This is Targeted for the .Net 2.0 Compact framework, which in turn targets Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

From here I plan on diving deeper into this platform and creating an example solution. The one given though really gives you a good idea, and the samples provided.

Check back soon as I continue to post!

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