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Friday, November 30, 2007

Silverlight 2.0 + Dynamics AX 5.0

With the soon to be release of Silverlight 2.0, and next years release of Dynamics AX 5.0, along with Visual Studio 2008 and DotNet 3.0 / 3.5 (ie: WinFX) the combining of these technologies, will mean that you will be able to develop Rich Interactive Applications, from Visual Studio, via C# Silverlight project, for Dynamics AX use.

If you could, take a step forward, and see the using for Enterprise Portal web parts. Dashboards, Web based sales orders, RIA eCommerce for those companies that need it, feeding into a DAX 5.0 backend, directly and without thirdparty packages.
Also moving to a more 'Web user' license model, which is much cheaper, than a standard fat client for DAX. Mix this with the possibilites that can now exist with the Microsoft Office Client for Dynamics AX, and you have business mashups worthy of
being called your own, useful, manageable, and actually do something other than look pretty on the screen.

To find out more about SilverLight, visit the Microsoft site at: Silverlight site

If you not thinking in these terms, then you should really start to do so. The result of such mashups, means more flexbility, in a controlled way, all for less!

Think about... and check back soon!

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