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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When squirrels attack!


The following story happened to me today. It is very true, and why I must share this. It has nothing to do with Dynamics AX, and I hope you all enjoy it. I have laughed so hard at me and my family on this. Of course it would happen to us.

So... I was awaken with a crazy surprise this morning. My wife, her Sister, and my two girls come screaming, running into the bedroom. I jump straight out of bed, ninja style, ready for an attack… they are laughing and running, shutting the door behind them, so I ask quickly what is going on? I mean it was 7:00 o’clock in the morning!

Well after I calmed my wife down, she told me that a Squirrel had climbed into our chimney, and came into the house. I busted in laughter, but then realized they were serious. So I went into the living room to investigate. My wife, holding the back of my shirt, as if in a haunted house walk, making sure she does not lose me. Coming into the living room, I noticed nothing, and then bang! Clatter! Something was in the kitchen. I went towards the kitchen, and I saw it… diving right for me. Quickly, I did a duck and roll, with my wife running back towards the bedroom, sreaming, causing my two girls and her sister to scream. Of course I laughed, because I could not believe we actually became the Griswalds.  Now after the duck and roll, I had landed slightly behind the big couch. I got up again, and started looking, and bang, again the Squirrel came out from hiding inside the Big Christmas tree in the corner, and took off running, jumped super high, landed with a jump on the table, and ran head first slam into the closed window. Panic struck the Squirrel, I could see it in his little dark, eyes. Quickly he started digging at the glass, as if trying to understand the invisible force field that was trapping him from his outdoor home. Realizing no way out, he jumped back to the floor, and under the buffet.

By this time, or fearless little dog was strolling into the kitchen area, checking on things like he does, and notices the Squirrel that is near twice his size. With sheer instinct, Marky takes off towards the Squirrel. With tail in air the Squirrel runs back to the tree, and then starts jumping from invisible force field (window) to invisible force field (window), in a mad panic trying to escape the alien world he had entered. (Our home). Finally, after about 15 mins of this, the slow turning gears in my head had a plan! Open the windows! So quickly My wife and I did. (She came back with me.) And after openning the windows, the Squirrel leaped for at least 20 feet, flat from the ground in front of the tree and out one of the open force fields. (Window)

...We all laughed so hard at this event, that we did not need coffee today. So I leave you all with the following image, as it along with the one on top, capture the essence of what happened today:

Check back soon as I post once again about Dynamics AX, and dodge the attacking squirrels in the process!

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