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Monday, January 21, 2008


Well I was introduced lately to a brand new site called www.MicrosoftDynamicsAddons.com. This site is an independant listed directory of possible Add-on solutions, from ISV for the Dynmamics platform.

This includes AX, CRM, GP, NAV, SL & RMS. Already Sunrise has listed our solutions on this site, and actually we have a sponsored part in the AX > Distribution section. (also see our link on the site located: Here!

The information for this new site actually came to me from the site owner, Robert Anderson. For the public launching of this site, I took some time and interviewed Robert, here is that interview:

1.) What inspired you to start this new site?
As a former Dynamics consultant myself (since 1995!), and worked with GP, NAV and AX in my career, there were so many times when a customer would have a business need, and I thought to myself; I know what product / version the customer is on, I know what they need, and I want to know what add-ons are out there. Not only that, I want to know which are the good ones, and which I should steer away from. In addition, I have had both Dynamics Customers and Prospects say flat out; where can I find a directory of add-ons for my Dynamics product??? So naturally I built a site which anyone; salespeople, consultants, customers, prospective customers, could quickly and easily get to the relevant answers they are looking for.

2.) What is the main objective with your new site?
Last month we were just focusing on getting addon developers to sign-up on the site, which we have had great success – over 200 in that first month! Now that we have the content, we are focusing on generating awareness and traffic. Right now we need some community involvement - I encourage everyone to look at the site and rate and comment on the addons in there!

In the future, we may expand the site to have additional Microsoft products, for example SQL and Exchange.

3.) Who have been the early users / adopters of this site?
Since we have only really focused on the addon developers up until this point, it has mainly been from that end. However we find that the more established addon developers have been fast to sign up as they see the benefit of being listed in the site (it’s free to sign up! :> ) and not being left behind. Once it starts generating traffic, it will give the quality addon developers a great source of qualified leads.

4.) What kind of editing plans to do you have, for say controling unfair comments / rankings that might take place on a site like this?
The site has some great features in it: for example, when someone lists an addon or writes a comment / review of an addon, it goes into a “holding area’ where one of our staff reviews it before it’s published on the site. While we won’t censor bad comments, if there is spam or something similar we will of course not put that up. Also, users can “rank” the addons – while you don’t have to login to rank a site, it only allows that IP address one ranking for each addon in a certain time frame, so people can’t artificially affect rankings.

Another great feature is how search engine friendly the site is. For example, if someone lists a credit card processing addon for Dynamics AX, it will have all the keywords automatically in the URL and look something like: http://www.MicrosoftDynamicsAddons.com/dynamicsax-axapta/credit_card.html
Since we stayed away from Java and wrote it all in a dynamics HTML engine, everything is spiderable by the search engine bots and very keyword friendly.

Well thanks Robert for the interview, and using this blog to help spread the word about your helpful site. Already there is over 200 listings, and the site is just a month old. I encourage you all to review the products, suggest the site, rank the products, and start to use this site. It's can be a very useful tool to Consultants & Clients alike.

Check back soon!

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