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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dynamics AX in a Recession


So we are in the R-word (Recession) in the U.S. Even though the big wigs, mostly will not say it, we are. Proof's in the pudding. And it may be that the world is in a Recession, or most major world economies.

So what does this mean for Dynamics AX. Well Let's say, what does this mean for a company looking for a new ERP / Business Platform? It means that Dynamics AX is better positioned that any other ERP platform on the market for bringing your company Value for the money spent, along with a deep functional paltform to boot.

I mean you can get a price list from Dynamics AX and compare it to SAP and see huge price differences. You ask businesses what they are looking for in a new ERP / Business Platform, and they will tell you:

- Something that will save the company money.
- Something that will help bring value to the company.

These two major points, are what Microsoft Dynamics platform was already offering, well before a recession was declared. This is why Dynamics AX, even in a recession, looks to be a great deal.

Lets be honest with ourselves here, in that Dynmaics AX was already one of the top choices for an ERP / Business Platform. The key word is 'Platform'. SAP does not have it, and Orcale pretends to have one. Salesforce.com is for very small, hard to customize implementations of CRM, and the rest of the names are just packages.

We are talking about a true platform. One in which ERP, CRM, Supply Chain management, BI, all are functional area's of this given platform. They are not hodge-podge, ad-hoc packages, web sites or applications. They are interconnected, and run on top of, connect into and are customized with this same platform.

So Dynamics AX in a Recession, is the same great platform, it just happens to already bring the two major things that companies are looking for right now: Lower cost & Value at the same time.

Just keep in mind for those that shake their head at you and tell you what I am saying is not true. 'Proof is in the pudding' Microsoft's pudding is it's platform and the price to implement it. (Price includes full implementation cost)

Alright, this starts the down turn / recession posts. I want to take and really look into the details of how Microsoft Dynamics AX can bring value to you. How it can be used to lower cost, change processes, can valuable BI insight into sales for positioning products, etc. etc.

Check back soon!

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