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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dynamics AX - Why is it good in a recession?


So you heard me state on my last post that Dynamics AX looks good to possible new customers, even during a recession. But what makes Dynamics AX look good?

Well as I mentioned in my last post, the value that Microsoft Dynamics AX brings to customers just can't be touched by other companies like SAP or Orcale. What does this mean though? Value?

Value in Dynamics AX, obviously different for different implementations and customers, comes in several general area's of offerings. Like I stated here, specific value ranges depending on the need of the customer, which leads us to our first point of value that Dynamics AX brings:

Dynamics AX is for a lack of a better word, Dynamic
Truly the name itself is a very correct statement, a word that really describes the solution / platform that is Dynamics AX. This value point really touches with all implementations, no matter need or even size of implementation.

This Dynamic is the fact that DAX offers the ability for a customer to grow and have it's business platform change and grow with it. This is a most wonderful aspect of the platform, and means that a company is not forced to change it's processes to fit into some dreamed up template that only fits a certain slice of a given vertical, and barely at that. (*cough* SAP *cough*).

This of course can be a a bad thing, if not managed right. Having a good partner is where that comes in, to help setup, install, train and manage the solution for you or to help you with doing so.

So today's value point for Dynamics AX is: Being Dynamic.

Just think if you had a very high price business platform, *like the other guys*, that was inflexible and your faced with downturn. You need a Dynamic platform that can offer you the ability to have quick access to data, and quickly adapt your business processes to help you to continually effect your bottom line in a positive way.

Check back soon as we continue other points of value Dynamics AX brings. Also feel free to leave comments as well! See you then!

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