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Friday, May 22, 2009

MSDW: A "Greener" Approach for Microsoft Dynamics AX Users Need Not Be Complicated

Over at MSDynamicsWorld.com, Natalie Davidson just wrote a great article on Dynamics AX, focusing in on her past experience with dealing in actual, pratical sustained life habits in Africa.

This article then goes into her drive to want and make use of those life lessons in the business world.

From the article:
"A few years ago, my days were spent in the African desert teaching ecology and conservation to students, teachers and government officials. I lived in a modest house powered by a combination of solar and wind energy, collected fog moisture to support daily water use and maintain a vegetable garden with refuse water. It was an experience solely focused on my place in the world and how everyday decisions impact how we interact with the environment - for better or worse.

Coming back to the United States and transitioning to the business world was quite a shock, not just culturally but also in terms of issues of environmental sustainability and conservation."

"When Microsoft Business Solutions announced on PartnerSource the addition of an ‘Environmental Sustainability Dashboard' to Dynamics AX several months ago, I began thinking about different ways in which businesses could reduce the environmental impact of certain business processes and transactional documents"

This was just a great article, and a great read really. I think Natalie has a great talent at writing, and a great amount of knowledge in this area that we could all learn from. Thanks Natalie for such a great article!

The full link can be found here: A "Greener" Approach for Microsoft Dynamics AX Users Need Not Be Complicated

This is worth the read, and I looke forward to hearing more from Natalie on this subject matter in the future!

Check back soon!

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