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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Microsoft Opens Windows Marketplace for Mobile Apps (WinMo)

Recently, Mary Jo from ZDNet, posted on her 'All About Microsoft Blog' about MIcrosoft starting a new online Marketplace for WinMo Appes. (For those that don't know, WinMo = Windows Mobile.)

When questioned about the number of Apps the store is starting with, 246 at the time of the start, Robbie Bach, the President of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Unit, said the following.:
"“Apple had less than 100 applications when it first launched its marketplace,” Bach said."

"Bach also claimed it was “kind of goofy” to focus on the absolute numbers of applications in Microsoft’s Windows Mobile store, since the real measure of success is how many of those applications get used."

This is an interesting move by Microsoft, and one that will focus, mostly on the Consumer End of the application spectrum. Though I see a chance for windows mobile application to be developed, and sold that can tie into Dynamics AX or CRM.

A direct link to the Marketplace can be found here.: Windows® Marketplace for Mobile has launched!

I can tell you this, more and more of the clients I see are wanting to hook into their ERP / Backend systems for many different types of Application. So this will have an impact, possibly even direct, for the mobile focus with Dynamics AX.

I plan on keeping track of this, as I want to see how this compares to Apples AppStore, and also what can make this different and stand out.

That's all for now, check back soon as more great post are coming, including a focus on the cloud and Dynamics AX.

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