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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dynamics AX Add-on Spotlight: Doktool from Cimbax

I wanted to take the time, to point out a really awesome add-in for Microsoft Dynamics AX. What I am speaking about is called Doktool, From Cimbax.

This tool offers all kinds of great features for documentation of Code, Tables, Structures in AX. Generating documents for custom modules, documenting for compilance needs, etc.

From the site.:
"Doktool is a structured authoring tool that integrates Dynamics AX into MS Word and Visio. Doktool sends the contents of any Project or Table in AX to MS Word or Visio

in any font style, with a full table of contents creating a document that is 80% finished automatically in minutes. All the consultants then need to do is annotate the document adding their own descriptions of the business logic and the document is finished."

So this makes use of Microsoft Office 2007 Word and Visio to help with your pojects, given you the ability to document your custom code and work, and increasing your productivity.

The listed benefits.:

  • Automatically creates & updates technical documentation up to 80% faster

  • Allows your developers to concentrate on writing code not documents

  • Instant upgrade analysis & quotation

  • Compliance and Audit

  • Automatic help text generation

  • Doucment parameters and base data setup instantly

There is for sure plenty of resources as well for digging deeper into Doktool for Dynamics AX. Check out the following resources.:

Doktool AX Product Sheet
Doktool AX Sample Documents
Doktool AX Case Study

I recommend checking this out for new implementations, and also something that current clients would have benefit from as well. This works with all current version of Dynamics AX, from 3.0 to 2009.

If your interested in finding out more if Doktool could be a good fit for your needs, feel free to contact me or Sunrise Technologies, Inc.

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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