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Monday, January 18, 2010

Dynamics AX Disaster Recovery - DPM 2010

Alright, so one of the topics that everyone should have conversations about when implementing Dynamics AX, is DR, or disaster recovery.

This is something, that I find sometimes, clients and customers do not pay enough attention to. This is a very critical point, and a customer needs to check and test their DR plans to make sure they actual do what they are suppose to do.

Now enter System Center Data Protection Manager 2010, due out in RC form early Feb. This is a true Data Protection Solution, vs. a bloated backup solution.

Check out the following great post.:
System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 Beta Webcast

That is from the System Center Data Protection Manager Blog, from Microsoft. In this post, we learn that DPM 2010 will offer native workload support, for protection for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009!

That's right, and that's not all that comes with such an investment, with DPM offering now protection per DPM server, of up to 1000 databases.

From the post.:
"System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 delivers unified data protection for Windows servers and clients as a best-of-breed backup & recovery solution from Microsoft, for Windows environments. DPM 2010 provides the best protection and most supportable restore scenarios from disk, tape and cloud – in a scalable, reliable, manageable and cost-effective way."

And Finally.:
"DPM 2010 is called enterprise ready, and here’s why.

  • DPM 2010 will be able to protect 100 servers, 1000 Laptops and up to 2000 databases per server.

  • It is tested with sharepoint farms of 25 TB and over 1 million items

  • There is a significantly increased fan-in of data sources per DPM server

  • It can handle 80 TB per DPM server

  • Automatic rerunning of jobs and improved self-healing is implemented

  • Automatic protection of new data sources for SQL and MOSS

  • Decreased Inconsistent Replicas errors

  • Reduced Alert Noise

  • Optimized tape logic for tape reservations and usage

  • Library Sharing more resilient

  • Better resilience to physical errors in drives and changers

  • Task controller for tape jobs for higher throughput

  • More flexibility in scheduling short- and long-term tape

I think that for any Dynamics AX customer, this is a must to look at and invest time into seeing how System Center, and specifically DPM 2010 can help protect your investment, and ensure uptime, and disaster recovery.

Also, with DPM, you get a lot more than just native workload protection for Dynamics AX 2009.

That's all for now, but check back soon, and thanks Microsoft SCDPM Team!

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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