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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Executive Blog: Putting the Dynamic in Microsoft Dynamics

Kirill Tatarinov, one of the top Microsoft Executives for the Dynamics Line of Business at Microsoft, posted a very nice article on The Executive Blog, at Microsoft.

The full link to that post can be found here.: Microsoft's The Executive Blog: Putting the Dynamic in Microsoft Dynamics

From the post.:
"It’s no secret that business applications are an integral part of running an organization and, when used to their full potential, can enable us to exist in this desirable Dynamic state – a state where we can achieve breakthrough success."

"I want to take a moment to briefly describe the three pillars of the Dynamic Business:

1. People – the lifeblood of an organization. People will always be at the heart of everything that we do, it is through their individual unique qualities and strengths that success emerges. Whether it’s the back office order processor, the field service agent, the factory shop floor worker, or even the CEO, hidden pockets of productivity can be unlocked via intuitive and familiar designs that provide a great user experience through the business solution.

2. Process – the backbone of business. Every unit of execution in a business can be distilled into some kind of process. It could be an order approval, an expense report submission, a workflow, the fact of the matter is that process is everywhere! When it comes down to it, getting process right is a tough thing to do. It’s a complex world that we live in and as businesses grow and change, things like agility and flexibility are highly important. Processes need to be structured enough to enforce efficiency, while at the same time flexible enough to provide adaptability. Again – effective usage of a business solution can truly enable the kind of agility that today’s businesses require.

3. Ecosystem – in today’s world we simply cannot exist on islands. With the advent of the cloud especially, it’s increasingly becoming, to use a common phrase, a “small world”! We are all connected to each other, whether it’s suppliers, distributors, vendors, manufacturers, partners, customers or anything in between, today’s business environment is one that that is highly interdependent. Those connections are vital – and they require us to break free of an isolated inward focus and become “business extroverts”, seeking ways to improve these dependencies and relationships. It’s about recognizing the connections that exist in the ecosystems that surround us and using technology to strengthen and maximize the value that those connections provide us. A modern business solution taking full advantage of the three Cs of Cloud, Collaboration techniques and Communities can help business reach the fourth C of ultimate Connectivity."

Now this is a very good post by Kirill, getting everyone ready for this new year ahead of us. What I wanted to point out, is on the mention of ecosystem.

He talks about we can not be on isolated islands anymore. And the fact that there are the three C's or Cloud, Collaboration techniques and Communities.

This is for sure a focus for Microsoft, and as I point out in my last post, What can the Cloud offer you in 2010?, 2010 is for sure the year of the cloud. We have been prepping for years for the cloud, and I have been writing about it since 2007. Now the cloud is here, with real possibilities, and solutions ready for use with Dynamics AX.

I agree with Kirill, in that we have to be 'business extroverts', and can no longer live in isolated pockets of technology.

So there is a lot coming out this year, and a lot to focus on. I think this year is going to be one of the best years for Dynamics AX, and the Microsoft Business Platform.

That's all for now, but check back soon as I have more post coming, including another book review as well that should be out at the end of this month. See you next time!

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