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Monday, January 17, 2011

DAXCONF 2011 - A look towards tomorrow

Well after a long flight, on a older 737 (yes 737 from East to West Coast... most unpleasant), I arrived late at the #DAXCONF last night.

Its tough going from East Coast to West Coast. I can bet, that those European Peers of mine, have it a lot tougher though!

It's finally here though, the week in which the Dynamics Ecosystem can consume and talk more opennly in a public fashion about the next release of Microsoft's flagship ERP package called Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Today is actually a very light schedule, with registration around lunch time, and then a meet and greet later this evening. It's kinda of like the 'deep breath' or quite before the storm of information that will lash about starting tomorrow.

Kicking off tomorrow, is the keynote, in which Kees Hertogh gave us some things to look for, during my interview with his last week.: Official Details about Dynamics AX '6' released, including comments from Microsofts Kees Hertogh.

It should be a great keynote actually, as Hal Howard, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Dynamics, and Crispin Read, General Manager, Dynamics ERP "Highlights the generational shift in technology that Dynamics AX ‘6’ represents"

I think the use of the phrase 'generational shift in technology' will end up being a good way to summarize all the great new improvements, and product stack investments that AX '6' will have and make use of.

From the keynote the day is packed, like every other day will be through Friday, having deeper dives into all the improvements, both technical and functional, that will be apart of the Dynamics AX '6' Official release to the public.

I have my schedule picked already, and so tomorrow I will be attending the following.:

  • Opening Keynote

  • Architecture: Reviewing What We did and
    Why in the Newest Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Investments in Global Address Book

  • Developing in .NET Managed Code and other
    X++ Enhancements

  • Models and the Meta Data Architecture

  • Models and Meta Data Architecture Q&A

There are a lot of great sessions and wish I could attend them all. That is, however, impossible. So I will cover as much as I can, while on-site here at the Microsoft campus.

For those that are attending, and make use of Twitter, make sure to use the #DAXCONF hash tag. And for those that are not here, you can follow my twitter account: @DynamicsERP, as well as this blog. Also, feel free to click on the above #DAXCONF links, and you will be taking to see all tweets that are about #DAXCONF.

That's all for now, I hope everyone had safe travels, and those watching and waiting that you get the information needed to help kick off your learning plans for Microsoft Dynamics AX '6'!

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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Anonymous Amer said...

Thanks a lot Brandon, I will make sure to follow you closely during the conference.


12:52 PM  

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