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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dynamics AX - SysDatabaseTransDelete

As the years have gone on, more and more professional now exist in the Microsft Dynamics AX Space. With this, some handy things that us old dogs know about sometimes are taking for granted.

So in the spirit of giving, and making sure to bubble up some handy tips and tricks, I thought I would highlight an old dog of a class, with that being of SysDatabaseTransDelete

This is a very handy class, but one you should use with care. The point of this class is to remove, from a given company, all transactional data that has been generated.

So many times, when doing implementations, you generate test data, and need the ability to remove that data and make sure to have a clean slate, while keeping the Master data elements you have setup in tack.

Enter SysDatabaseTransDelete, as this is the purpose of that class. It's been around for a while, since early AX days, and you can customize this if need be, but be careful in doing so and in it's use. A small "are you sure" is all you get and bang! Transactional data goes bye-bye!

That's all for now, I have my next series of MSDynamicsWorld.com article coming out soon, along with a few interviews, Dynamics Community Site, more on AX 2012, and getting ready for Convergence coverage.

Till next time!

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Blogger husna yusuf nawawi said...

Hi Mr.George ... my name is Husna from Indonesia .. i am a newby at Ms.Dynamics Ax 2009 .. I am interested with this article,talking about SysDatabaseTransDelete. According to this Article,i try run this class in my computer and it seems my space hardisk is getting lower. is this class need a big space for running? because this case is happen to my friend also. and what tables deleted by this class? can you mentioned it? ...coz this process of this class is failed on my Computer.

3:02 AM  

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