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Friday, May 06, 2011

Thank You!

It's been over a week now since the horrible storms of last week, reck havoc across the south, and focused heavily on Alabama.

It's been reported as the worst in over 90 years, and the death toll still keeps rising.

Out of the ashes, and through this event, however, I have personally seen and also heard wonderful stories of people giving. Communities coming together to help their fellow man, total strangers giving time, food, money, and most importantly thoughts and prayers.

So for those that can't say this, for those that are affected, and to those that gave in any form or fashion and are still doing so.: Thank You!

Thanks to those first responders that did everything they could to save people, that dung people out from under the rumble and destruction. Thanks, to those that cared, cried, hugged and prayed with us all. Thank you, for those that donated time, money, clothes, food and advice for those that have lost everything. Thank you to the State Troopers, Medics, Doctors, National Guard, Red Cross, and all those trained to help in such situation for being there, and getting setup fast and ready to serve. Thank you to my clients who reached out, as well as the company I work for Sunrise Technologies. All of you, everyone of you that gave and cared, you are the heroes in this story.

In such events, it brings out the best and also the worst in some people. However, from what I have seen first hand, the good far out ways the bad.

So one last time: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

-Brandon George

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Blogger martin said...

Its nice to see a blog within Microsoft Dynamics AX that is being constantly updated. Keep up the good work.
Nigel from www.nigelfrank.com

4:16 AM  

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