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Friday, October 05, 2012

Freaky Tech Friday - Tales from the Script

Well it's that time of year again Ghouls & Ghost, where we dare venture into the shocking weird Tech world in - Freaky Tech Friday!

For those of you new souls, who dare are walking this dark path for the first time - let me share past tales of old from last seasons haunting stories. Freaky Tech Friday Recap of Shock-tober 2011.

We kick off this years spooky fray into the unknown with Tales from the Script! This story, like most stories, starts out on a normal developer day - whisking away at creating X++ code for business logic in AX 2012. However, this normal day quickly dissipate into darkness as TypeScript enters the scene.

It's purpose is an attempt to harness the dark side forces of JavaScript in order to assert control of that which should not be said.

Our developer, now faced with the challenge of using JavaScript - putting away his total devotion to a single, simple path, means he has a hoard of options in which to walk down this dark, spiral of doom. Learning the ways of the Sith... err... TypeScript, will enable our developer to master the dark side.

He can now call on the power of a mighty enforcer found in Visual Studio 2012. With this only the developer uses TypeScript, and with his trusted enforcer Visual Studio can he conjure up powerful dark side JavaScript output - that is targeted for scale beyond what is capable today.

In order to master this new sorcery our developer travels to a distant land and time called TypeScriptLang.org where he can download the compiler as well as the Visual Studio 2012 plug-in..

Our developer continues his fall into the wild, and with the aid of the following Source Code, as well as examples of learning how to use TypeScript today, gains understanding in how to conjure up such dark code.

With this new knowledge, our innocent developer can now bend the will of JavaScript to his desire, creating sinister web targeted apps for a multitude of targeted devices. Further with his existing knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics Ax, he can unleash a set of Data-Centric apps for consumption that target multiple use cases - all then as his beckoning JQuery calls.

If you dare to take this path yourself, be fore warned that this new language we call TypeScript is still considered to be in beta (v 0.8.0) for the enforcer know as Visual Studio 2012. However if mastered, TypeScript can bring to bare much needs types, classes and modules - Object Oriented Structures - to a once know as lacking in structure language, the dark side, JavaScript.

That's all for this Freaky Tech Friday Ghouls & Ghost. If you survived, and dare to return make sure and check back soon as next Friday will be the next installment of a frighten scare "OData of Death!". Till Next Time!
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Anonymous Michael Sage said...

Very interesting post - thanks Brandon. Since javascript has to be bar-none the only totally ubiquitous language and given its powerful functional programming aspects (e.g closures, etc), it seems like there could be a renewed interest in building mobile apps for AX to the point that the typical user workstation approach becomes obsolete. A well designed app could run on any device imaginable, saving tons of development time that would normally be spent on porting to android, iOS, etc, and could be tailored very easily to the exact flow desired by the user. Very exciting

10:43 AM  

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