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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Report Development Basics in AX 2012 - Drill Through Options

Today I wanted to take some time and start back focusing on BI & Report Development topics for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. This is one area that helps us shape Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, into a true System of Engagement for customers.

Today I wanted to talk about the ability to perform a drill through action from one report, to another source in AX 2012.

This is a popular possibility, that enables one to create an engaging report experience for launching from a more summarized report data - into the details such summarized reporting represents.

We see this in action with AX 2012, via Web Parts for Enterprise Portal. These are most always hosting AX-SSRS chart based report objects, or other forms of grouped and summarized data. Usually clicking on the details of the value being summarized in the report, will take you to a more detailed transaction view of the data it is meant to represent.

There are two options, when we look at the Drill Through possibilities, either Report Drill Through Action or URL Drill Through Action. As the names imply each will either launch another report, or launch a new browser directed at the specific URL to be viewed, when clicked by the user.

In order to work with a targeted Report for drilling through too, it has to be referenced either within the same model project - of opened within the same solution design space. You can see this with the two report objects I have shown above.

Doing this will enable for you to have a source, or drill from, as well as a target or drill through report objects. We can see in the above image that I have a selection of either Report1 design or Report2 design. Since Report1 is my source object, I will select Report2 Autodesign.

Having done this, as you see above, I now have my Report Drill Through Action along with parameters that I need to set. Usually the auto-generated parameters like company, report culture, etc can be passed through from the source report object. However this is where a target report object, of the drill through action, can have it's report output shaped by context of the data from the source.

Moving right along from here, we have the URL Drill Through Action. As with the report drill through action, the URL is added from the fields on the design of a report. In doing this, we see in the following options for our URL Drill Through Action.

As the above image suggests, we have the ability to pass any number of URL's, along with parameters that can be dynamically driven from the source report object. A good example would be a report that had tracking information, and you wanted to automatically fire into UPS site from the report, and have it show the status of a package.

All-in-all, the drill through actions we have when talking in terms of report development for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 help us create more engaging reporting experiences for users. This is the ultimate goal, to engage the user with needed and critical information, for solid execution of their roles responsibilities.

That's all for this post. Check back soon however as a lot more to come! Till Next Time!
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