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Friday, January 25, 2013

Know thy Dynamics HashTags!

Understanding how to navigate the social landscape is a vital skill that help one stay on top of the latest news for Microsoft Dynamics, and further be a contributor to the community at large. Events like the upcoming Convergence 2013, being held in New Orleans can seem overwhelming, in trying to digest all the great news & happenings while there. Further, for those not able to attend, but wanting to learn as much as possible - navigating the social landscape is a must!

To help weed through the information, and further avoid things like "social saturation" understanding HashTag's that are used within the Microsoft Dynamics Community is a must! Enter Jon Rivers latest post on this topic.: 2013 #HASHTAG PREDICTIONS FOR MICROSOFT DYNAMICS ARE HERE!

You may recall Jon & Mark Polino's efforts in helping customers and partners entering into the social fray, with their joint authored book.: Social Media for Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

Jon continues his mastery of the social arts, with giving us a heads up for this years HashTag index. It's ever so important to understand the value of such HashTag's as #Conv13, #AXUGSummit and many more. Doing so, as I mentioned above, will give one the ability to stay on top of the information most important to you. Further, if your going to contribute to the ever growing community at large, then having the right HashTag's used associated with your efforts if vital.

I will say, sometimes there is a battle for HashTag dominance. Where competing events, or community actually land on using the same tag. I bring to mind the great battle when Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 was launched, and the same time the Anime Expo 2012 conference was being targeted. I believe the Dynamics Community won out right the use of #AX2012. However, this battle is far from over as we approach the year 2015. I predict, once again the Dynamics Community will face off against the Anime Expo crowd, when #AX2015 is the focus for the year 2015 and the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2015.

Going back more to the serious side of this social skill set, Jon's efforts within the community are always helpful. With his post, we all have a quick reference to the HashTag's that should be targeted and used. Further, Jon will avoid *ME* direct messaging him, asking "Jon, what is the HashTag for [Insert event here]."

Many thanks Jon for all the efforts you do for the Dynamics Community at large. There should be an MVP Award from Microsoft that allows Jon to be awarded for his efforts across all the Dynamics Products, including his focus on mastering the social landscape.

That's all for this post, I hope that each and everyone of you have a great weekend, and find yourself being productive in our Dynamics World. Check back soon as more Dynamics & BI coverage to come. Further, as we approach Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013, keep an eye here for total coverage, interviews and more! Till Next Time!
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