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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Coming Wave of Monetizing A Company's Data

It's been a while since I sat down and wrote an article, specifically on a topic that was not directly related to Microsoft Dynamics AX. I always find a way to connect such topics to AX however, and this article is no exception.

What I'm talking about is the coming wave, and movement we will see with new software & service offerings for helping companies easily package, maintain and sale their data. The holy grail for BigData promises. The 4th Paradigm of Data will finally find itself home in the reality we call our lives.

Alright, enough with the dramatic entrance to this topic, which is all about the current state of Data Markets, and what I think the future holds. With that, lets look at current state.

Current State

As-is, the data market, or services and sites that allow you to package and sale data you own and control, is actually at a decent saturation rate. A quick search on bing yields the following results.: Bing Results for 'Monetize Data'

A specific leader in the category of monetizing data, is the company called InfoChimps.com

InfoChimps is a very interesting company, and the array of services they offer continue to grow and morph. You can see the relative youth in this specific area of BigData. Have no doubts however, Monetizing Data will be a long leader in perceived value, for outcomes of BigData projects.

With this in mind, lets look at another service, closer to the heart of the Dynamics Ecosystem. That being of the Azure Datamarket, located at.: DataMarket.Azure.com.

The Azure DataMarket has a very specific focus, with a lot of big names already taking advantage of what this can bring. Here enter's the first area of how this crosses into Microsoft Dynamics AX. Business Intelligence projects, when correctly executed, will bring as part of the end result, insight into a companies data assets. These will become super valuable for companies that embrace the oncoming wave of data science.

The Future

For me, I see the future of Dynamics as this: A singular UX, that is both adaptable to smaller touch gestures, as well as larger projected, or surface displays. Applications can easily load into the desired mode.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP will be a place that helps easily package data assets for companies, has a place with the Azure DataMarket for publishing and the sale of such data assets. Further, the social integration for ease of marketing across multiple channels.

That is the current intersection for this topic with Microsoft Dynamics AX, at this point. A future, that is not that far away actually, but still there are steps and things that need to take place before this really could become a firm reality. That is going to be the fun part! Check back soon as we look further into BigData, with the goal of creating real value. Further more on Dynamics AX news, Services, BI and more! Till Next Time!
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