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Monday, January 09, 2006

Strange issue with Currency

Just resolved a strange issue with Currency. We have a Canadian customer that was setup for USD instead of CAD. Well Some sales orders were entered in for the customer, and were changed when then customer was setup as CAD. The Sales orders and the customer record were all updated.

When we tried to post invoice for the given sales order though problems started popping up about the General Ledger Journal that it was trying to post to.

Turns out, that there was a Misc. Charge created for the sales order when the sales order was still marked as USD. So this Misc. Charge never got changed to CAD and caused porblems when we tried to post it. Below is the error message that should give you a clue into what is going on:

'Warning Posting The transactions on voucher 'SI00017978' do not balance as per '1/5/2006'. (Company currency: -11.00 - secondary currency: 0.00)'

This message is similar to a one were the rounding may not be set correctly for the given currency, but in turn it was because there was a misc charge or charge in general that was listed as a differnt currency than the given sales order.

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