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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Axapta Install and Configuration Breakdown

Below I pasted in the exam topics and the % breakdown for the Install and Config test. Hopefully I can make a nice study guide based on the exam topics below. If I am able to I will make sure to share it with everyone. For now the exam topics will have to do!

Exam Topics

Microsoft Axapta General Architecture – 3%

Microsoft Axapta Hardware & Software Requirements – 5%

Microsoft Axapta Database Installation – 4%

Install Microsoft SQL Server and Service packs
Microsoft Axapta 2-Tier Installation – 5%

Microsoft Axapta 3-Tier Installation – 18%

Conceptual Understanding
Active Directory
Microsoft Axapta AOS Clustering – 6%

Conceptual Understanding
AOS Cluster Setup
AOS Cluster Configuration
Microsoft Axapta Web Deployment – 5%

Microsoft Axapta Administration, Tools, Tuning – 23%

Perform basic Microsoft Axapta server & Database Administration
Use Microsoft Axapta internal Database Tools
Use Basic Windows tools
Microsoft Axapta Troubleshooting – 20%

Troubleshooting Tools
Identifying Problems
Microsoft Axapta Benchmarking – 6%

Microsoft Axapta OLAP– 5%

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