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Thursday, February 16, 2006

To Increase

Well I have a lot to post about. Currently I am in training for an Axapta ISV company that makes modules, well really an entire platform for the AX platform.

The name of this company is To Increase, and they have really brought to AX a lot of what it is missing. Of course their focus is Industry Equipment Manufacturing, but what I am most excited about is their eCon platform, and most of all their Platform 1.3.

This To Increase platform introduces a concept close to UML, in which you no longer have to have so much dependance on working within layers. With their platform you can make form changes, etc. without ever making a code change. Instead it is compiled at run time, using struct, serialization, etc. which allows for greater speed in development and modifcations of solutions.

They also give you the ability access and control MetaData of tables, to where you can make Logical relations to tables that you would normally Not due within the Technical form of making relations through the AOT.

They also offer this workflow concept so that events, etc. can be expanded on and a more role based approach to offering the user a Process like what they do vs. having to go from menu to menu. Speaking of menus that also brings up the creatation of Dynamic Menus, in which a further role based approach can be given to end users.

All in all To Increase is for sure a big part of the future of AX, and also offers Great wonderfully missing peices from the Standard AX application. Look for further details here about To Increase, their modules, and how to use them. To check them out goto: http://www.to-increase.com

thats all for now!

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