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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dynamics AX 4.0 - Unit Testing and Test Projects

One of the most wonderful things that is new in DAX 4.0 is unit testing classes and projects. With this new possiblity, this begs the question of should X++ developers now adhere to Software Engineering best practices of creating business requirements, and then from thos business requirements move directly to creating unit test projects from which you code to satisfy those unit test projects.

In the past we had to create our own unit type of testing through the use of jobs, but now true unit testing can be achieved.

With this post I wanted to breifly talk about the Unit Test or Test Projects that can now be created. I want to get other developers, architects, engineers, etc. all thinking about taking a step back when looking at coding, etc. and possibly taking the approach of:

1.) Create the business requirements
2.) Identify the gap between what exists in the standard App, and what needs to be developed to meet the business requirements.
** NEW ** 3.) Create Test Project that has unit testing code to test for the needed business requirements
4.) Code to fulfill the unit testing scripts and test project
5.) Preform unit testing and document results
6.) Repeat steps 3.-5. until business requirements are meet.

This is a wonderful step in the software development lifecycle, that will help standarize the developed of X++ code, and really push the coding the DAX into a more manageable form. Couple this with the Version control abilities of DAX 4.0 and now we have an IDE that will allow for a true SDLC. Now all you have to have is a changement policy and bug tracking module, and your set!

Check back soon as I will be posting an exmaple test project, along with a business requirement it was wrote for, and walk through the steps of taking this theory and making it a useful reailty!

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Blogger David Pokluda said...

For more information about Dynamics AX unit test framework see my series of posts at http://blogs.msdn.com/dpokluda. Quick introduction is also at http://blogs.msdn.com/dpokluda/archive/2006/08/25/724280.aspx.


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