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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MSDynamicsWorld.com - Dynamics 2008 Partner Survery

MSDynamicsWorld.com just posted the results from their recent conducted survey of 23different Dynamics partners.

The survey was based on a series of questions about the state of the Dynamics marketplace and the needs of users. Partners took their own marketplace and client knowledge and asnwered these questions.

The break down of partner focus areas are as follows:
- AX (17%)
- GP (56%)
- CRM (43%)
- NAV (22%)
- SL (22%)

This does not mean a total one to one for these breakdowns. This means out of the 23 responding, these percentages were brokendown by what those partners worked with. Some partners fit into multiple focuses, and cross between AX, GP, CRM, etc. etc.

Some highlights of this survey are as follows:

" - A large chunk of partners credit Microsoft for supporting integration requirements of Dynamics software with the vendors' products-nearly half agree or strongly agree, while 30% are neutral.
- Customers have difficulty communicating clearly their current ERP/CRM/Financials software needs-some 47% agreed this was an issue, with 30% of respondents only "neutral" on this issue.
- But customer demands are clear-about 90% of the responding partners say Dynamics customers are increasingly looking for and expecting vendors to provide end-to-end integrated solutions.
- Where partners and customers run into problems, not surprisingly, is over cost expectations. More than half the partners sampled indicated that customers aren't able to accurately assess the total cost of ownership for software purchases and, as a result, tend not to be satisfied with the results.
- And you can expect to find most partners at the upcoming Convergence conference March 11-14-nearly 90% of respondents said they'll be there, with 52% saying they will be there as exhibitors."

You can get to the post on MSDynamicsWorld.com by clicking here: Link To Post

And the full survey results can be found here: Full Survey Results

I hope you enjoy these findings as much as I have. They can really be used to hape shape the Partner experince, and hopefully drive to better performance across all Dynamics fouces.

Check back soon!

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