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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dynamicsworld - Microsoft Dynamics Top 100 Influential People


I just came across something very interesting. There is a new website called DynamicsWorld

This site, as part of it's launch, has created a list of the top 100 Microsoft Dynamics most influential people in the world. How this was done is briefly talked about, and I am not sure the science behind it, as the actual data for the final ranking is not provided.

However I found that I was listed on there, at number 83.:


Brandon George

Microsoft Technical Evangilist Evangelist, promoting the Microsoft platforms, focused on the Dynamics AX platform, SQL Server 2005, SharePoint Services. Most famous for the blog dynamics-ax.blogspot.com which now is regularly read by 2000 people.

Here is the direct link to that page: The list continues with those from number 61 through to number 100

I also focus on a lot of other things that surrond Dynamics AX, and SQL Server 2008, not just SQL Server 2005. Plus not sure how they got the 2000 people being regular readers? This blog, has on average, of over 7k+ unique vistors a month now for 2009, and growing! (Thanks to all the readers!)

Either way I feel honored to be listed, there are a lot of "big" names on this list that I am next too. Thank you DynamicsWorld.co.uk!


The following is listed on the page as how this list was compiled.:

1) How many people are affected in Microsoft Dynamics by their decisions.

2) How many people do they have regular contact with in the Microsoft Dynamics Community.

3) How long have they been involved in the Microsoft Dynamics Community.

4) How many certifications do they have.

5) How much positive feedback we got from our forums and voting phonelines

"Our list editors were Ashen Ali, Steven Alspberg, Wiraiwan Changhai,Trevor Ishmail, Callum Murray and Harry Patterson."

Well lets see what this site ends up being about. Interesting start their DynamicsWorld.co.uk, and good luck!

Check back soon, as more great post are coming.

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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Blogger Erik said...

Congratulation. And thank you for sharing this link. It was funny to see that I was also on the list! :)

10:33 AM  

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