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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2009 Microsoft Dynamics Channel Economic Survey IDC Whitepaper

*[ PartnerSource Access Required ]*

Recently Microsoft released a white paper on PartnerSource, showing the Dynamics Channel Economic breakdown. This is survey results compiled from 467 survey respondants.

The full link to this white paper can be found here.: Now Available, the 2009 Microsoft Dynamics Channel Economic Survey IDC Whitepaper!

From the white paper summary.:
"This whitepaper highlights key findings and best practices from the 467 survey responses to the 2009 Microsoft Dynamics® Channel economic survey.

Read this whitepaper to gain key business insights such as understanding the KPIs of the top half of Microsoft Dynamics partners compared to the bottom half and learn important findings and best practices from the survey to help you drive your Microsoft Dynamics business."

This was compiled by IDC, and there is some really interesting information in this white paper.

The executive summary from IDC really sets what the purpose of this white paper is all about.:
"As part of its ongoing commitment to understanding the holistic profitability of its partners, Microsoft commissioned a follow-on Partner Economics Survey with IDC in 2009 to examine the business performance of Microsoft Dynamics partners.

This study follows up two very successful partner profitability studies in 2006 and 2007 and offers four key lessons from top performing partners that every partner should consider. It also offers a wealth of performance data against which partners can benchmark their individual results."

Some of the interesting nuggets, which a lot more is in there, are.:
"Top half partners showed a significant advantage in gross margin at 56% versus 35% for bottom half partners. Much of this difference comes down to services gross margin, which we explore later in this document. Top half partners outperform bottom half partners 51% to 30% on services gross margin. Given that services makes up such a large part of Dynamics business practices, this gap is too big to ignore."

And, something from the Top Partners, lessons learned.:
"Industry Focus Means More Customer Adds and a Trend Toward
Higher Profits"

I highly recommend taking this document and seeing what kind of information it has in it. Very worth while reading, and understanding the landscape of the Dynamics Channel.

That's all for now, check back soon for more!

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