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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AX Tools Blog: Navigating the AX Application Explorer in Visual Studio

Sometime ago, I posted about a brand new blog ran by part of the Dynamics AX Microsoft team. This blog is focused on 'Microsoft Dynamics AX Tools'

With this, there was a teaser post given by the authors of that blog, talking about the 'AX Application Explorer in Visual Studio'.

Well now the authors of the AX Tool Blog has taking this a step further with a new post.: Navigating the AX Application Explorer in Visual Studio

From the post.:
"In the last post we introduced the AX Application Explorer in Visual Studio, as the central hub for all AX development in Visual Studio. Now we will take a quick look at the navigation in the AX Application Explorer.

Since the AOT is the AX developers home, we preserved the same UI look and feel, as well as the gestures commonly used by AX developers. You can navigate the AX Application Explorer using the keyboard just the same way you use the keyboard in the AOT. You can use type-ahead to search for elements, just like in the example below, where you see the selection on InventCostList after “inventcost” was typed in (in the status bar the type-ahead text is displayed)."

One highlight from this blog post I think everyone should take away from it, is the following.:
"An important thing to understand about the AX Application Explorer is that it is not a superficial tool in Visual Studio. It integrates deep in the guts of Visual Studio and enables the presence of AX metadata in many of the existing Visual Studio components."

This is really important to understand, and help put context to the depth Microsoft is going to making Dynamics AX vNext and beyond deeply rooted in .Net, .Net technologies and the rest of the Microsoft stack!

Thanks AX Tools Blog Authors for sharing! Great post, and has me wanting to see more!

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brandon, do you think that, in some moment, X++ will be completely replaced by C#?
I mean, I´ve already watched and read a lot of stuff about the integration between AX and .NET. And, as Peter Villadsen said, it´s not a tendency, it´s a necessity, mainly for technical reasons.
Or do you think that they will be able to coexist in the system?


11:39 AM  

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