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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

DAXGuy: SSIS for Bulk insert into Dynamics AX 2009

DAXGuy posted today, about a recent Proof of concept he was working on for inserting a lot of records from an outside LOB application into Dynamics AX. He was able to insert 100,000 records in 13.6 seconds!.

A direct link to DAXGuy's post can be found here.: Dynamics AX 2009 Bulk Data insert using SSIS

This is actually an interesting post. What we have to look at is the fact that this bulk insert is being done on a custom table, with not a lot of X++ logic. So for example if you were creating Sales Orders, Forecast data, etc. there is extra logic that is ran on the delete's, insert's, etc. methods of these tables.

Such a Bulk insert works for custom table data, that is targeted and focused. However if you needed to take and do bulk insert for forecast data, for example, or Sales data, you would either need to recreate the logic in SSIS package that is done for the insert's and delete methods on the given tables your operating on, or make use of the .Net BC.

This in turn is where we run into an issue. I believe the work DAXGuy is a great example, and I am glad he posted it. It brings up though a point with Dynamics AX about loading massive amounts of data.

Bottom line, if it's custom tables being loaded, then it can be fast. However if out of the box tables, with a lot of underlying X++ business logic embedded into the creation of the data for said tables exists, you hit a road block.

You can either choose to by pass the logic, if your instance does not need it. Then the bulk inserts and massive data imports can be done. However if needed, then you either have to recreate through your choosen data import engine, like SSIS, or make use of the code.

This is where a slow down takes place.

Let me leave this post, with thanks to DAXGuy. A great post, with detailed steps on making use of SSIS for bulk insert. Let me also leave though, that this leads into a post I had planned, with working with threads.

That's all for now, check back soon though as more to come!

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