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Friday, April 09, 2010

ProISV talks about AX.NET offering compared to Future DAX .Net offerings

Recently, I wrote a write up and interview about the recent ProISV release of version 1.0 of their AX.NET offering. That post can be found here.: ProISV Launches Version 1.0 of AX.NET

When I posted this, there was some questions from some of my readers around being a little confused actually about what AX.NET is offering, compared specifically to the work that Microsoft is doing for Dynamics AX '6', with the AX Visual Studio tools. (AXTools Blog latest on AX Explorer for VS)

I asked ProISV Partner's and Co-founder's Niels Skjoldager and Kaspar Bomholtz to answer this line of questioning. To shed some light on what ProISV offers now, how it alings with Microsoft's vision for the future, and specifically to the released information about the AX Tools for Visual Studio. Bellow is the response I got back from them.:

"AX.NET does already, today, add significant value to the investments AX customers have already made. Many AX customers are not necessarily on the most current AX version as well, or do not upgrade immediately after Microsoft releases a new AX version, so AX.NET is also highly relevant for all of those customers, who chose to stay on their existing AX version “for some time”. However, we will urge all AX customers to always migrate to the newest AX version, thereby yielding continuous advantages as Microsoft moves down the road of bringing further innovation to market.

AX.NET will continue, also in the future, to add significant value, even after Microsoft releases the much anticipated (and delayed) AX 6.0. ProISV is already in higher gear in terms of having the ability to make even more out of the new exciting features in AX 6.0, when those eventually are released of course. However, ProISV will not sit back and wait for AX 6.0 to hit the streets, which is why we releasing technology now, which can be used by existing AX customers as well as future customers on AX 6.0.

AX.NET Server will fully cloud enable AX2009 and newer versions, obviously including AX 6.0, and this product will be released before the summer of 2010. This means that AX.NET can already be used today to write exciting applications in .NET, as it is already fully integrated with AX, and be ready to deploy those solutions in the Cloud. In other words, while Microsoft is continuing with their great innovations, ProISV expands the opportunities for all AX customers and beyond, following Microsoft’s roadmap for AX for “eternity”. Since we are so focused on this particular technology, we will always make the most out of what Microsoft offers out of the box and add significant value on top of that, as is the case with AX.NET today. Our licensing model also fully protects our customers’ investments.

We of course expect Microsoft to also direct their investment in AX towards cloud enablement, as is already announced on several occasions by Microsoft executive leadership. It is also very clear to us that the AX.NET Server ambitions go way above and beyond what Microsoft will offer anytime soon in regards to both moving the entire AX into .NET and moving AX into the Cloud. Microsoft will soon offer that certain web services and AIF can be hosted in the AX AOS itself as well as Cloud services, such as payroll and better integration with external sites. AX still remains a deployment choice between “on premise” and “partner hosted”. AX.NET Server gives the choice of moving the entire AX into the Cloud.

We offer choice as well, so that AX.Net customers can design their own strategy for Microsoft Dynamics AX cloud deployment. Windows Azure is one of the natural options, but far from the only viable option to choose from. This level of freedom of choice is something we know from our long and diverse experience in the world of Microsoft Dynamics AX is “a must”, so the fulfillment of that core requirement is already built into our technology. AX.NET will support everything Microsoft chooses to ship and expand on that, also when it comes to Cloud computing.

We expect as well that Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics AX will be an addition to the Visual Studio Reporting Tools for Microsoft Dynamics AX. We also expect that Visual Studio Tools for AX will continue to primarily focus on the Microsoft product portfolio, which essentially means Sharepoint and SQL Server Reporting Services (SRS). AX.NET fully supports that strategy, but as mentioned before provides the ultimate .NET integration with AX as well as flexible Cloud enablement in any size and shape. Our Code Protection System adds significant IP protection as well on top of that, something we know is high in demand.

So, all in all, we are very excited as well about the Microsoft innovations, because we are completely aligned in our product strategies. In fact, we are complementary to each other and we continuously expand to the Microsoft technology stack."

To help give a face to those behind this, and since I was not able to post this last time, the following are Niels and Kaspars pics and Bio's. They are open to any direct questions you might have for them, and as always feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email! Thanks!

Niels Skjoldager, Co-founder/Partner

Niels is a visionary, passionate, multi-lingual, entrepreneurial business leader, with 14 years of proven international track-record in various executive roles and entrepreneurship. Niels has 10 years of executive leadership experience in various software developing companies, being the leader of strategy, partners channels, sales, development, sustained engineering and support teams.

Niels is highly goal and result oriented, a team builder, strong ethics, strong financial and people management background as well as highly educated with a M.Sc. degree in Supply Chain Management with focus on the application of solving complex business problems through the means of technology and software solutions in particular. Key focus has been supply chain integration and the use of ERP, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, as the core application.

Niels also has 10 years of direct experience in working with Microsoft Dynamics AX: Development, deployment, business process analysis, support, training, development of ISV solutions and Microsoft product certifications, as well as developing strong relationships with Microsoft.

Niels is a co-founder of ProISV, having the overall responsibility for strategy, business development, partner channel development, sales and support.

Kaspar Bomholtz, Co-founder/Partner

Kaspar is a visionary, passionate and driven software developer, with an outstanding ability to very efficiently develop a vision for a software solution to product, while always producing high quality products.

Kaspar has extensive experience with designing and implementing complex software solution in .NET C# and VB.NET since the first version in 2002 and in total more than a decade of development experience.

Kaspar also has vast knowledge in working with Microsoft ISV’s and partners as well as understanding their business problems relating to the development and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics AX, as well as industry leading expertise of the technical architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX and the utilization of the newest versions of X++ and .NET C#.

Kaspar has been through the vigorous and extensive Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX as well as Industry Builder certifications as well, and thereby has deep knowledge of the Microsoft standards and requirement for quality, trustworthy computing and thread modeling.

Kaspar is not only a developer, he is also a strategist when it relates to planning of products and development as well as translating complex business problems to elegant software solutions, in close collaboration with project stakeholders, design and implementation teams.

Kaspar is a Co-founder of ProISV, having the overall responsibility for product development.

That's all for now, but check back soon as more great post to come, including WCF, Cloud, Top 100 voiting, Convergence and much much more!

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