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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Microsoft Azure - Cloud Platform Update and Article

I saw on twitter today, and nice linke to an Article from Forbes.com, talking about Microsoft's Cloud Computing platform Azure, and how it's hybrid ability to be hosted on-premise + in the cloud will enable it to be, along with other things, the dominate cloud platform.

I agree with this statement, so I thought it was a great article write up. You can see the full article here.: Why Microsoft's Hybrid Cloud Threatens Google

It's interesting actually, because Google recently has been feeling this threat, and therefore has changed it's "Intranet" cloud offering pricing and structure. I use "intranet" because it's still not on premise.

What I love about Microsoft's cloud approach, is the fact that I can develop a WCF service, and run that on-premise, or repackage, and run in the cloud. I can also use upcoming Windows Server AppFabric with Azure AppFabric to help scale out services, and control them like other Windows based technologies, through scripting and MMC snap in that is faimilar, IIS Management console.

Google, still in the cloud only.

I also have years of .Net and Microsoft technology skills that I have invested and built upon which makes it feel like a natural choice for using Azure for any cloud based development needs, as well as recommending doing so to my clients.

Getting back to the article, it points out that BizTalk is not in the cloud. And for now that is true, however BizTalk is very much a key to enabling ESB's, that include cloud based services. It plays a part of enabling Hyrbiid clouds, on the on-premise side of things.

Also, a nice little recap of the recent updates to the Azure platform can be found below here.:
"Recapping the Azure announcements: an updated version of Windows Azure Software Development Kit; support for .NET Framework 4; support for Visual Studio 2010's IntelliTrace feature; under SQL Azure, Microsoft now offers developers 50 GB (from 10 GB) of database storage; and Windows Azure Content Delivery Network is also now in production."

I have been talking about the cloud since 2007, and also how Hybrid clouds will be the norm. Now, here we are in 2010, and well into seeing these Hybrid clouds be formed, and more and more companies seeing the benefits of using the cloud for their needs.

That's all for now, check back soon as more to come!

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