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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Microsoft Dynamics™ Mobile 2008 - Pre-release of Framework

[Partnersource Required]

Link: Microsoft Dynamics™ Mobile 2008 - Pre-release of Framework

I just saw that on PartnerSource Microsoft has release the Dynamics™ Mobile 2008 Framework, for pre-release. I took a little time to look through this what this was all about.
But first below is a description of what this is about:

"Mobile Development Tools - Framework Components is set of tools and components for developing and implementing mobile business applications for Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.0 devices that connect to business solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV. The two main components are:

-A Software Development Kit (SDK) that is an add-in to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and allows programmers to create scalable mobile applications using C# and XML.

-A run-time infrastructure so mobile devices can connect to and exchange data with the business solution using any of several network types, such as WiFi or GPRS. The architecture builds on.NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft SQL Server technologies."

This is actually taking a step further for the development side of Mobile Development, than what was released last year. Microsoft Dynamics team is really seeing the serious nature and need for Dynamics AX data, and business processes to take place on the Microsoft Mobile Platform.

Now keep in mind this has a limited usage License, and is not meant for production. What this signals though is the ability to further create Mobile applications, that make use of X++ logic, and DAX data model more natively, and easily from the Mobile Platform.

I can point out one huge improvement that comes along with this release, and that is the credentials management. Before a user would have to possibly supply the same user credentials, over and over again. Making for a very poor user experince. Now a single user credential can now be associated with multiple end points, making it possible for a single login. Since user experince is everything, this is a huge improvement, and one worth checking into.

From here, I plan on writing a few post where I walk through a few examples using this. So keep you eyes on this blog, and check back soon!

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