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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This time I was interviewed about Dynamics AX

DynamicsWorld just did a post, where they interviewed me about Dynamics, Microsoft and Dynamics AX.

The direct link can be found here.: Interview - Brandon George

From the interview.:
"Who has been your biggest influence/s in Microsoft Dynamics?

I have actually thought a good bit about this question, because I have not really ever given this much thought before. When you’re working non-stop - which is a good thing - sometimes such reflections are not ever presented in one's mind.

So,with that said, there are actually a couple of different answers, and these are in order of how often versus any kind of priority. First I would say my customers / clients. They actually influence me the most because of their different business models. The problems they try and do solve with Dynamics AX, which sometimes pushes the envelope for the technology side of Dynamics AX. The needs they have for integrating into so many different systems, business partners and the like.

Second I would have to say Sunrise Technologies, the great people that make up the company I am a part of. The amount of talent we have at Sunrise, is rare. It's the mix of talent, versus being just strong technical or functional. The well rounded, real people that make up this company and ask the whys and why not's that push ourselves and our clients for better outcomes.

Third would have to be the Dynamics Community and my fellow bloggers. So many great minds are out there now writing, posting, promoting, and sharing about the Dynamics line. When I first started blogging some five years ago, there was not much out there, now there is a wealth of knowledge that exists that is due to the community and also Microsoft."

It was very interesting to be on the other end of an interview. This is the same site that listed me in The DynamicsWorld Top 100 List 2009 - For Microsoft Dynamics.

I would like to thank Simone and DynamicsWorld for taking the time to interview me.

That's all for now, but check back soon, as more Dynamics AX related post are coming!

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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