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Thursday, December 03, 2009

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson crazy claims

PartnerCompete, a member based site, focusing on driving Dynamics Partner Channel success, recently had a very interesting article they posted about on their site.

In this article, they quote Zach Nelson, CEO of struggling NetSuite to say that.:
All the VAR's in that (Microsoft) Channel will get off their Dynamics Drug, and one day all have to switch to SaaS based NetSuite.

He went on to say that The reason why, NetSuite is the only game in town.

My question, to Mr. Zach Nelson is, "Where the Heck have you been?"

As PartnerCompete points out, NetSuite's revenues are flatlining and the massive losses continue. On top of that, NetSuite is in a huge legal battle with it's "Three" time partner of the year, because of how NetSuite comes in at the 11th hour of a sale and takes the client on directly. Meaning that NetSuite partners compete directly with NetSuite!

To read the full own story, you must be a member of PartnerCompete, and the direct link can be found here.: PartnerCompete's Story about Crazy NetSuite CEO Claims.

Typically I usually don't post about this kind of thing, but I had too. This is either a very, very desperate move, by a failing software company, and it's CEO. Or the CEO is so far out of touch with reality and what is going on in the market place, that maybe he should not be CEO?

Either way, the writing is really on the wall, or in the customers that Dynamics line has, and its in the Microsoft platform, the Azure Cloud, the masses that are seeing Dynamics, Dynamics AX, CRM, XRM, etc. etc. that love the product(s). No other product can compare to Microsoft Dynamics AX. Look at all the AMR, Gartner, etc. reports. Microsoft Dynamics AX is the flagship ERP now, and of the future.

And as for SaaS, well SaaS is just a part of the bigger picture which is Software+Services. Three screens and a cloud my friend! And what platform is NetSuite?

So hats off to you Zach Nelson, for helping show how much NetSuite is either failing, or your lack of touch with Reality.

For real world, reality based information, about a product that can really help you, and will continue to grow, look to Microsoft Dynamics AX. And check back here, as I will continue to post!

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