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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics AX Fast TrAX Developer Training

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, in full swing, one topic that everyone is really focused on is training. This major release changes the ERP game at so many levels, and uses more and more of the Microsoft stack than ever before. To this end, it's very important that Partners understand AX 2012, as well as the rest of the Dynamics Community at large.

Well welcome Microsoft Dynamics AX Fast TrAX Training! This is a new offering that was released today on PartnerSource. With that, you need PartnerSource Access and a learning plan to be able to sign up for this training.

There are two offerings for AX Fast TrAX, and one of those is focused at the developer level, is the: Microsoft Dynamics® AX Fast TrAX Developer Training

From the summary:
"Fast TrAX is a foundational training program for new Microsoft Dynamics AX Developers. The focus of the training is to spend 3 weeks in intensive product training based on the developmental aspects of the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution. Focusing on certification preparation in addition to hands on experience through hands on labs will help to build the initial muscle for a successful developer on the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution. This coupled with mentorship within your organization will set our developers on the road to being successful and contributing to your organization’s bottom line. At the completion of the training students will be well on their way to preparation for the Microsoft Dynamics AX certifications."

The current agenda for this three week, intense focus is listed as follows:
Week 1:
-Development I, II and III
-Hands on Labs
-Evening Homework

Week 2:
-Development IV
-SSRS Reporting
-Hands on Labs
-Evening Homework

Week 3:
-Portal Development
-Hands on Labs
-Evening Homework

note: Agenda subject to change

You can be sure that those leading the training efforts will be some of the most knowledgeable professionals on the planet, in regard to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. If you are looking for a great chance at diving deep into development with AX 2012, and have the ability to attend an intense three week training session, then this is a must.

The biggest draw back for such an effort, is having the ability to dedicate that much time, all in a row. For partner organizations I would recommend sending someone to this however, and allowing that person to be used as a "train the trainer" focus, and come back to your company and train others within your organization.

That's all for this post, but check back soon as a whole lot more to come. Till next time!

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