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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reflecting back on this time last year

Alabama State Flag - The Crimson Cross

Its funny how fast time flies by. Its hard to believe, that next month marks a year since we had very severe and terrible storms cells that spun one of the deadliest tornado's to every hit the great state of Alabama I call home. So many lives were lost, and since then - still more with other storms and tragic events.

April 2011 Tornado that struck many parts of Alabama

It so easy for us to take each day for granted, and trust me I am easily one that can raise his hand high and admit I do so all to often. We can get caught up in our professional work life, or whatever it is that we spend our so precious and little time on the earth. Looking back, to last year, you can see from the following post, that we were all affected in some way in this area, as well as the outpouring of support that we received from our fellow man.
It's strange to me, how little things, more than passing dates even, bring back memories and times of reflection. Just yesterday, my Mother gave me something that was saved during the total loss of their home. It is a pin, nothing hugely special or of any real monetary value to anyone. This pin however, was something I earned when I was 19 years old. It told the world, in a small way, I was a Microsoft Certified Professional for passing in January of 1999 the Network Essential's & Windows NT 4.0 Workstation exams.

MCP Pin I received when I was 19, that survived the Storms of 2011

Man I thought I was something back then. Being 19 only, and already a Certified Professional. How little did I realize how much farther I had to go, and still continue to strive and become better each day. Holding that pin, looking at it's now off-white background, and of course the old Microsoft logo, just brought back so many memories of all the years I've worked in this profession. It also represented something that no storm can ever take away. The spirit that our God, no matter what name you may refer to God by, graciously gives us. Further, though the pin be something so small, and physical it did help remind me that what matters the most is the treasures we create.

These treasures I refer to, have no value of gold or silver, or any real physical matter at all. Its the experiences, and the times we get to share with our family, friends and loved ones. Those moments that you can recall so easily, like seeing the birth of your kids, marrying the love of your life, or even down to a simple smile and nice gesture to a complete stranger.

Though this post has very little to do with helping in anyway with adding value to Microsoft Dynamics AX project, I thought it well worth the small time and effort it took to acknowledge all of this. To reflect on the past, the experiences and times we all get to share, and further to embrace what matters the most in everything we do, is those treasures we get to create and store up. Those moments of happiness when the pains of a go-live lose all bearing weight, and the struggles of learning something new products like AX 2012 - fade quickly away when reflecting against the more important moments of our lives.

I will end with, take the time to enjoy the moments you have been given. Realize, that these projects we all work so hard on, and spend so much energy on are really not about the technology, or some business process - but really is all about the people. That is what companies really are anyway right? People. Till Next Time!
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