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Friday, March 09, 2012

VSLive - Las Vegas Baby!

Well I hope everyone has had a very productive week, and is ready for a nice weekend. Keep in mind we Spring Forward this weekend. Personally I love it, because it means more hours of Sun, and might be able to actually enjoy the outdoors a bit.

To help wrap up this week, I wanted to post about a series of events that is going on, specifically related to Microsoft Visual Studio and .Net technologies. As you can see from the above graphic, I'm speaking about the Visual Studio Live! Conferences that are held. This year, there are four such events, with some really great tracks. The first event, is being held in Las Vegas Baby!

You can click on the above graphic, and sign up, the event is coming up soon but really has some awesome tracks, and exposure to things like.: Cloud Computing, Windows Phone App Development and Windows8/WinRT tracks.

Such events, are more than ever, very helpful in getting the most value out of your Microsoft Dynamics AX investment. More and more solutions, or total solutions for customers, embrace and make use, including extending value, with the technologies, tools and software that are covered at VSLive events. As Microsoft continues to invest with Microsoft Dynamics AX, via the rest of the product stack, the value of such conferences will only increase as time goes on.

If your interested in the full details, and all the tracks, I would suggest taking a look a the eBrochure.

There are already some great post in the Microsoft Dynamics Community that showcase the use of such technologies, like extending AX via a Windows Phone Solution. As well as, showcasing the value of Visual Studio LightSwitch for Dynamics AX.

Finally, we are all aware now, per Microsoft, that the future client for Dynamics AX will have a heavy focus around Windows 8/WinRT and HTML5 focuses, as highlighted here.: Microsoft Dynamics AX - The future Client Win8 / HTML5.

With all of this in mind, going back to my statement earlier, such conference with a wealth of tracks, speakers and knowledge, can add great understanding of the products, how they are used in solutions throughout the world, and how those concepts can then be applied to a total solution for a customers Microsoft Dynamics AX investment.

With that said, for all my readers, I have a promo code that has been giving to me, to share with you all, which is: VSLVTU. That promo code is for savings of $400 off the standard Best Value Package Rate!

That's all the time I have today, but I recommend you check out this event, and if the upcoming Las Vegas event just is not in the "cards" for you, don't worry, there are three other events going on this year, which I will blog about. Make sure to check back soon, and check back often as a whole lot more Dynamics Community coverage is well under way. Till Next Time!

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