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Friday, October 19, 2012

Freaky Tech Friday - Invasion of the Conference Zombie's

Welcome back Ghouls & Ghost to another gruesome tale, from the world of Freaky Tech Friday! Today's I will guide you through the Invasion of the Conference Zombie's.

It's such a seemingly subtle process at first really, that of one becoming a conference zombie. Hordes just do not appear from no where, there is a point, in which the scale of infection, creates such hordes as the one pictured above.

It's starts with the arrival to the location, like that of Seattle for this years AXUG Summit. Fresh, ready to go, attending, speaking, sharing and learning. Day one comes and goes, and this is when the infection strikes. It's within the after hours of the normal days process, that first party or after event that we see the creation of our patient zero zombie.

Alcohol, the partaking of spirits magnifies the virus and starts to spread like laughter in a nitrous-oxide plant. The on set is not even noticed, and the unknowing, moving towards the undead continue down the dark path.

Day two arrives, with the blast of the alarm clock, aching feet, heads - and for those speaking the beginning stages of lost voice. This second day is the real acceleration from the living to the Conference Zombie transformation. The action of non-stop sessions, brain retching information, and constant value added connections brings on the full cycle of the Conference Zombie.

Night falls, and are now weary - near drooling shadow of what was once a human only 72 hours earlier, shuffles along, following others of the similar fate as he to yet again try and drown the pain of the process with consumption of beer, wine and whatever drink of choice our now Zombie craves.

All only increase the affects, and at this stage nothing can fill the hunger. "Value! Value! Must seek Value from Conference... ARRGGAGAH!"

Next day arrives, and the body shuffles from bed, to shower, to keynote, to session after session after session. Some totally lose the ability to recognize their fellow Zombie's. Brain functions slowly diminish, and what information and knowledge was gained slips back into the void where our Zombie now calls it's home.

To top this off, this year is even more terrifying as there is yet another value added conference back-to-back, that of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Tech Conference. This will surely unleash on the world even more conference Zombie. For those poor souls that made the choice of attending both - there is no hope for them to ever recover and return back to the land of the living.

How does one avoid this tragic ending? How does one stay on the straight and narrow. Unlike other past stories from Freaky Tech Friday this one has no redeeming message to share. All hope is lost! The only fact that gives comfort is your not alone, and you can continue to Share, Connect & Learn with your fellow Conference Zombie's till the end of time!

Even those smart patrons of such events, who stay away from the flow of liquid courage - they too fall prey to this sad state and add to the onslaught which is The Invasion of the Conference Zombie's

That's all for this weeks frighten tale. If your one of the lucky Zombie who can still read, and have some form of thought after attending this event and dare to venture back, make sure to check out next Friday's tale as we return for more ghoulish gore in Freaky Tech Friday's!
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Blogger tommy.skaue said...

I'm just glad I had a decent camera and took a fair amount of shots of what I felt were the most important slides. All in all, the tech conference was valuable for me. :)

6:02 AM  

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