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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lifecycles and roles

To Increase (www.to-ncrease.com) introduces with their Platform Lifecycles, or workflows into Axapta. With these lifecycles, consultants and developers can map actual business processes to logical and technical flows of information and steps that pertain / build / and give an end result to business processes.

For example, if a business has a high approval structure for rec to pay. This would envolve the creating or rec's to the paying of purchase orders. One thing that would be missing already from Standard Axapta is a Purcahse Rec. To Increase addresses this with their Enhanced Procurement module. So with the EP, you now have the Purcahse Rec. form.

With that set, then you can create a Lifecycle, or known is the business world as a workflow. With this lifecycle (Platform from To Increase needed) you can then build business rules around the Rec, the turning into a Purcahse Order, selecting a Vendor, approving the payment, etc. etc. So for example you could create a lifecycle that looked similar to:

1. New Rec
2. On Hold
3. Rejected
4. Approved

And with these "States" of a Rec. lifecycle then add approval area's, groups who can approve, and how the people in those groups are notified. (ie: emails, Axapta notes, etc.)

This is a wonderful solution that can be applied all through Axapta. It truly brings the value of Axapta, for a business, up to the next level. Now these lifecycles can be modeled and built around Roles in a business. With that said these roles can be further created, as I mentioned in the before this post, dynamic menu's that help present a role based use of Axapta. So with the Platform from To Increase, you can now take the not so friendly menu system, get rid of it nearly all together, and create lifecycles and dynamic menus that are launched and used to give each end user a customized role based approach that totally is modeled against their business process, and have happy end users.

Look for more posts about To Increase, lifecycles, how to create a lifecycle (with screen shots) and also creating role based approaches in Axapta, Dynamic Forms, buttons, and how to use this to create a best of bread Hybrid development approach that use's the AOT only when neccesary. This is very important to understand, as this is the future of Axapta at Micrsoft.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Brandon,

Could you show the step by step of using To-Increase lifecycle management ?
Thanks in advance


1:09 AM  

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