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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dynamics AX Add-on: Atlas XL

Recently I wrote about the possible reporting options that exist inside Dynamics AX 2009.

Dynamics AX 2009 - Reporting Possibilites

I did however leave one area not covered, which is important, and very useful. That area is third party applications or packages for Microsoft Office, specifically Excel add-ins.

One that I have seen used, and works great in Dynamics AX 2009 is Atlas XL developed by Globe Software Pty Ltd in Perth, Australia.

This has an integration with Dynamics AX 2009, that makes use of the .Net business connector to expose the full data model, including business logic, X++ based calculated fields.

Once the server peice is setup and the Excel Add-in is installed and configured for end users, the usage is pretty easy. Super user can create their own Ad-hoc reports, pivot tables, etc. and access company data, they have security rights too, as this takes on the security rights of the user at hand for access to Dynamics AX objects inside the instance.

There is other Excel Add-in's that exists as well, but this is one I have seen in action, and one that works with nearly all AX versions, not just 2009. I have seen this fully working though, in 2009, making it a proven product.

If your interested in Atlas XL, then feel free to contact Sunrise Technologies, Inc. as we can get this for you, set it up for your instance and get your using it.

Other than third part Excel Add-in's, it is possible to create custom OBA or Office Business Applications and Add-in's for office products like Excel. Sunrise also has the knolwedge and skillset to do this for you, if needed.

Well that all for now, I wanted to make sure and give a complete picture for reporting options with a Dynamics AX 2009 instance.

Check back soon!

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Anonymous Claas Heinrich said...

You did not mention, that it is possible to upload data from Excel to Dynamics AX. That is nice for update your items, for example.

Very great tool. We are working sucessfull with atlas xl in Germany. atlas xl makes our customers happy :-)

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Garret said...

What are the limitations to Atlas? Can it replace the cubes, SSRS, and analytics provided? A similar writeup of pros and cons would be very helpful. Great blog, btw!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Microsoft Suppliers are now touting Atlas as the preferred tool to upload to AX. While you can create upload definitions in AX to update tables fairly easily, the upload of data that integrates "methods" in AX is not so simple. I have not used Atlas yet, but have been told that it can handle this type of data upload as well.

10:00 AM  

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