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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Microsoft's Cloud Positions, become ever so clear

So I could not help but try to come up with a title that played on clouds, with the word clear.

This is however somewhat of a true statement, as well as an intended pun. One of the things I talked heavy on at AXUG Summit this year, in Orlando was about Cloud Computing. In my executive track, I actually hardly mentioned Dynamics AX.

For reference, here are direct links to my Slide Decks for the two sessions on cloud computing I lead.:

So, with the EXE02 session, the whole goal and point was to paint a good picture of what cloud computing is today. That was actually the hardest one to come up with, because of filtering through all the marketing fluff / hype that exists around cloud computing.

I Did land however, on four real area's.: SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and PCS (Personal Cloud Services - a Mix bag of types)

It's nice to know that I was right in-line with how Microsoft see's the cloud as well. Read the following post from Mary Jo, over at ZDNet, found here: Microsoft plays the PaaS card to better position its cloud platform

Microsoft is really pushing the PaaS offerings from Azure and what makes Microsoft different from other cloud vendors. Also, the fact that, the 'All In' cloud is correct in that Microsoft is a cloud vendor that has offerings in all the area's. Including PCS, with LiveDrive, LiveMesh offerings.

Why does this matter? Well I have been talking about cloud computing for over 4 years now, and declared this year to be the year of the cloud. (2010: Year of the Cloud).

This matters to AX Partners that are VAR's, ISV's, as well and even more too Customers. This matter's because one day Microsoft ERP will be developed for the cloud first, and what runs in the cloud or runs on premise will be of choice for a customer. To the information worker this does not matter, as long as it's secure, reliable, and able to get the information needed to get that workers day complete.

This means scale, beyond what you can think, and back to only what is needed. Having a plan now, and understanding what you can do with Dynamics AX 2009 and the cloud right now is the first step in seeing how the cloud can enable your company to scale beyond what it currently can imagine.

The second session I did, listed above on TECH05 is a dive into the Technical side of the Azure Cloud Platform, and also Architect level visio diagrams, at a high level, showing several ways cloud LOB applications can be integrated with AX 2009 today.

That's all for now, check back soon and till next time!

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