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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labor Day - Some time off

Well here in the U.S. labor day weekend is upon us. I am taking a little extra time myself, but I will be back in full force next week.

I have several planned good post and also columns over at MSDynamicsWorld.com that I plan on getting out after my vacation time next week.

I hope that everyone is safe this weekend, and you are able to enjoy some nice fun and relaxation with your family!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Microsoft Dynamics AX - Application integration, BizTalk Adapter install possible error

Had this one come up lately, and thought it would be nice to post about, seeing as how this is not really been addressed and has actually been asked a few times on the web.

When you are trying to install the Microsoft Dynamics AX BizTalk Adapter, and you get the following error:

"Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup
Setup detected that you are installing Application integration - BizTalk adapter, but BizTalk 3.5 is not installed on this computer. You must install BizTalk before installing Application integration - BizTalk adapter."

This can be confusing. This "BizTalk 3.5" reference is actually, technically correct in that is it referencing the build of BizTalk that should be installed on the same box that you are trying to install the Adapter on, which happens to be BizTalk 2006.

Now granted, you would think this should state: BizTalk 2006 (Build 3.5.xxx) which would make more sense to everyone, but that's a matter for Microsoft to handle. :-)

What I hope is that someone will find this, that runs into that same issue, and will see that the solution is this: You must have BizTalk 2006 installed on the box you want the adapter installed on, first.

Well good luck and check back soon!

Update: If you happen to install BizTalk 2006 R2, it's build is 3.6.xxxx. Just a little bit more information on this topic.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's new in SQL Server 2008

Not sure if everyone has seen this nice write up yet over at Microsoft Technet, but it's a really good write up of what's new in SQL Server 2008 from different perspectives.

At a glance:
-More powerful management
-Improved performance and scalability
-Better security and availability
-Changes for developers

Check out the write up by going here: TechNet: What's new in SQL Serve 2008

I recommend everyone start to learn about SQL Server 2008, espcially with Dynamics AX 2009 released and ready for use with it. Check back soon!

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Flexitech Inc. finds Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and Sunrise Technologies to be the perfect fitting for their company.

Well once again Sunrise Technologies, Inc., the best Microsoft VAR and one to say I am a part of has another new client press release. This time it's in the Automotive OEM vertical, with a company called Flexitech Inc.,

The full Press Release can be found here: Sunrise / Flexitech Inc., PR

And from the PR:
"Located in Bloomington, IL, Flexitech uniquely offers current and future automotive OEM’s world-class rubber hose and final assembly capabilities, as well as unmatched value in terms of product cost and performance.

Flexitech Inc. needed a system that would work with their unique business processes that add the real value to their customers. “We required a platform that would allow us to design our unique processes into the central ERP solution without spending an arm and a leg. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides the ability to write new user interfaces and database hooks using the MS .NET framework, a very popular programming language,” says Nate Strech, Director of IT for Flexitech.

Flexitech also found the application interface of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 to be very user-friendly. “User participation is a major hurdle when implementing an enterprise-wide application, but after a power user demonstration you almost instantly gain support,” adds Mr. Strech. “I’m confident Flexitech Inc. has selected the right package to not only support today’s requirements but also to maintain a level of flexibility with a truly ‘dynamic’ ERP”.

“Selecting an ERP solution is only half of the battle; choosing a partner who can fully understand the business needs and deliver the ERP technology is the other half. Flexitech Inc. is excited to work together with Sunrise Technologies on our new MS Dynamics AX implementation,” states Strech. “From the very beginning during our initial online product demonstration, it was apparent that Sunrise had an in-depth understanding of Microsoft Dynamics AX’s capabilities. Mr. Strech adds, “Their [Sunrise] manufacturing and distribution experience along with their knowledge of a new object-oriented ERP solution challenged Flexitech’s old mainframe ways.”"

Way to go Sunrise, and Flexitech on selecting the best ERP platform around! Check back soon, more good post to come!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And we move on...

A week ago I posted links to a new forum from MSDynamicsWorld.com, hoping to provoke thought and getting people more involved in a public fashion in discussion that surrond possible Dynamics AX improvements from both the platform / Microsoft level and the vertical / Partner level.

There is not been much action on this for the first week this has been up, and so I plan on posting my own thoughts into both the Functional and Technical area's of improvements at both those levels.

This, along with other columns and post here are in the works, but in the meantime, I wanted to ask those that read this... do you see value in these forums? Do you think thought provoking information can be shared that leds to real change and helpful benefits? What are your thoughts?

Feel free to leave me a comment, here and check back soon!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What can Microsoft and it's Partners do to improve Dynamics AX?

I want to ask everyone here a question. What can Microsoft or it's Partners do to improve Dynamics AX? Think in both functional and technical terms...

Alright so who should you tell? Well you have the AXUG, which is great, and also Microsoft itself with it's connect for Dynamics. What about though, an easy way to start conversations that involve both Partners, Consultants, Sales, Customers, and Microsoft?

Well MSDynamicsWorld.com has just launched a new forum for discussing both Functional and Technical aspects of improvement dicsussions for Dynamics AX.

This is something I have been working on, with for MSDynamicsWorld.com and I wanted to launch this new forum here, today. The goal is to get real discussions, with a lot of good input from different levels for any topic that could be covered in a Functional or Technical aspect. We invite those that have knowledge from every level to participate and join in this.

The Functional Board can be found here: MSDW: Dynamics AX - Functional Improvement board.

and the Technical Board can be found here: MSDW: Dynamics AX - Technical Improvement board.

So come on in, and start some real good discussions. The premise is this, seperate each by your perspective, be that of a "Consultant working for a Partner", a "Partner Exec.", a "Customer in house developer", etc. and then also seperate the post by stating if you think your topic should be considered under the Platform, or for Microsoft to address or as a Vertical offering from a Partner.

This is meant to spur idea's, and not replace or compete with AXUG or the Connect program, but rather help drive that even futher and deeper with a wider depth of particaption, in that this is a free, open range forum ready for use.

So check it out, and I will be on there as 'Dixiecrat'. Let me or the staff at MSDynamcsWorld.com know if you have any questions, comments, etc. about this, and welcome all!

Check back soon!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MSDynamicsWorld.com Names Five Dynamics Experts to Newly Formed Editorial Advisory Board

Well MSDynamicsWorld.com has just did a press release, which you can find here: MSDynamicsWorld.com Names Five Dynamics Experts to Newly Formed Editorial Advisory Board

This PR, is talking about the newly created editorial advisory board, that spans the different Dynamics brands for expert knowledge, that will help guide MSDynmaicsWorld.com content, and more.

The link to the MSDynamicsWorld.com Editorial Advisory Board page can be found here: E.A.B Link

From the link:
"The MSDynamicsWorld.com Editorial Advisory Board was created in June 2008 and offers a broad range of expertise to MSDynamicsWorld.com. The Editorial Advisory Board provides ongoing guidance to the editorial team on issues associated with editorial content, strategy, and direction. "

And the description of this given from the Press Release:
"MSDynamicsWorld.com, the leading independent online information resource on Microsoft Dynamics software, has named five of the world's leading authorities to its newly formed Editorial Advisory Board.

The Editorial Advisory Board is charged with providing advice and guidance to the MSDynamicsWorld.com editorial team about its content and editorial direction."

I happen to have the honor of being one of the members of this board, and I am very excited about having the possibility to continue to help this site grow, and also work with some of the best Dynamics Pro's around.

Good luck E.A.B. and MSDynamicsWorld.com! Check back soon!

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Hosting Provider, Layered Tech, goes live with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution

Well a new day, brings a new and exciting Press Release from Sunrise Technologies, Inc. This time it's about one of our proud clients who went live recently:

"Layered Tech, a leading provider of on-demand IT infrastructure, is now live with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Solution. Layered Tech collaborated with Sunrise Technologies, Inc. for its deployment of a successful implementation, giving Layered Tech a solution that would grow with them.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Layered Tech is a dedicated “on-demand” hosting and virtualization computing solutions provider who serves clients with more than 15,000 servers in more than 120 countries. Layered Tech was looking for a more robust framework for company growth by integrating data from multiple independent customer and accounting systems into a unified solution. With the help of Sunrise and the fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, Layered Tech now has an advanced, automated management and accountability system linking its sales, client services, procurement, inventory, and general ledger areas. This deployment resulted in dramatically improved product and cost reporting."


"John Pozadzides, Chief Marketing Officer at Layered Technologies states, “Sunrise was critical to our design and implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX-based ERP for our specific corporate operations requirements. Their expertise was invaluable in jumpstarting and helping us manage such a mission-critical initiative.”

“Sunrise is excited to extend its Microsoft Dynamics AX knowledge and experience to a new industry” states Cem Item, Vice President of Sunrise Technologies. “Microsoft Dynamics AX has once again demonstrated its flexibility to provide a strong, reliable, and scalable ERP backbone to a leader in the On-Demand IT infrastructure industry. We are looking forward to empowering Layered Tech success and growth in coming years.”

Paul Warren, Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Sales Specialist, added, “We are excited to offer a comprehensive business application platform to Layered Tech that incorporates Microsoft Dynamics AX’s superior technology with Sunrise’s deep product knowledge. We look forward to securing Layered Tech’s leadership in the on-demand hosting industry. They are in good hands with Sunrise.”"

Congrats to a wonderful go live, and another happy Sunrise / Microsoft customer! To read the full PR, go to here: Hosting Provider, Layered Tech, goes live with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution

Way to go Sunrise and Layered! Check back soon!

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal - Quick Starts and Screen Cast

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal team has done it again, with another great post to some wonderful Enterprise Portal resources, Quick Starts, Screen cast and more.

Check it out: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal Quick starts and Screen casts

This is yet another sign, that this is going to be a great resource blog. Please keep good stuff coming guys and gals at the EP Team. This is very helpful, espcially with all the new things you can do with EP in Dynamics AX 2009.

I recommend highly, to anyone involved with DAX 2009 and needing EP, starting EP, develops for EP that you bookmark their blog.

Check back soon!

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Clouds of change are forming

Alright, one may say that I have Clouds on the mind. But it's just because the 'Clouds of change are forming'. In my last post of talked about SCOPE and pointed you to a write up by Mary Jo Foley about SCOPE. This is directly related to Microsoft's backend cloud technology.

Well today, I want to point you to a new write up, over at Redmond Channel Partner Magazine, Ozzie's Vision of the Cloud Includes Partners - by Scott Bekker

And read the following from that post:

""Many business ISVs and many VARs will be looking to move their applications and solutions to the cloud just like we have," Ozzie said. "For them, like us, this technology shift towards services represents a significant opportunity, a chance for them to deliver to their enterprise customers the power of choice within their own application or solution." He called Microsoft's opportunity in the space "perfectly aligned" with the opportunity for partners."

I mentioned in my last post that we ISV's, VAR's, Microsoft Partners of all flavors need to start looking towards the coming Cloud computing from Microsoft. Even in the Dynamics area. I mean Dynamics CRM Live is something that is here, along with Exchange, Office, SharePoint, etc. Look at the next graph of Cloud and Hybrid on premise offerings already from Microsoft:

We have to stay experts at this, and that means that we have to start thinking about offering clients Hybrid choices on some of this stuff, understand how to make that work with cloud and on premise bases, and getting our solutions to interact, understand and live in both worlds.

I mean we have to have some reality check here, in that not all ERP / MRP / SCM functions can live in the cloud. Most companies are not ready for that, but some can, and some companies will push the edge. That means we have to start really thinking about this now.

And what will push this more and more into the cloud is Microsoft Office and Office SharePoint. These two key technologies that is driving more and more the interface for Dynamics, will continue to do so, which will allow these to be cloud ready and living in the cloud if need be.

Alright I will leave you with that. Check back soon, and bring your umbrella's, I think it's going to be raining Office soon! (yeah I know lame joke.)

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