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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Upgrading Reports for AX 2012 - Resources

I wanted to take the time today, to point to two resources on Microsoft TechNet. This is related to upgrading reports from AX 2009, to AX 2012. The very first thing that must be clear, is that No Reports will be upgraded to the new SSRS Reporting Model for AX 2012.

With that said, MorphX reports as well as ReportLibraries can still live within AX 2012. There is actually a process in which you have to execute that will take the metadata for the AX 2009 ReportLibraries and update them, so they can live and execute within an AX 2012 instance. That resource can be found here.: Report Project Upgrade [AX 2012]

Further, there is a guide: Guidance when Upgrading Reports [AX 2012].
"Reports are not upgraded automatically during the upgrade process. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides hundreds of default, out-of-the-box reports that you can deploy and customize. To upgrade MorphX reports, we recommend that you customize a default report. The default reports run on SQL Server Reporting Services. Reporting Services is a server-based reporting platform that provides comprehensive reporting functionality for a variety of data sources.

When upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, existing Reporting Services reports and reports based on the MorphX reporting framework are copied to the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012system. However, they will not be upgraded."

The reporting model, metadata, as well as data structure changes, all within AX 2012 make it impossible really, and not a lot of value, for trying to upgrade, say an MorphX report, or even a ReportingLibrary to the new report model. This is an area of an Upgrade that will need attention for sure. Doing this, also means that you can take advantage of a lot of great new reporting tools, around Microsoft Excel PowerPivot as well as the new Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 - Excel Add-in.

I will be covering this topic, in the class I'm leading next Tues at AXUG summit. I'm doing my final preps for sessions now, and looking forward to seeing everyone out there. You can follow me, as I will also be covering the event live from my twitter account: twitter.com/DynamicsERP.

That's all for now. Look for some updates while at AXUG, as well as my tweets. Also regular postings will pick back up after AXUG Summit next week.

Till Next Time! Cool Beans? ;-)

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